Making image release of 'Arita: Battle Angel' that fully fuse live action and CGI

The movie " Arita: Battle Angel " produced based on Mr. Yuki Kijo's manga "Gunma" as the original, as the way the Arita, the hero, is drawn, the size of the eye as if the original was reproduced as it was It is very characteristic. How the WETA digital produced this arita and merged it with live-action video, the making image was released.

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Director James Cameron known for hits such as "Aliens 2" and "Avatar" was responsible for production and screenplay. He made sure that he could draw Arita by creating "Avatar" with WETA digital.

However, "Avatar" is a fictitious planet in the universe, Pandora was the stage, so it is the producer John Landor who says "It was not necessary to be real."

Meanwhile, Arita is the future is the era, the stage is the earth. It was necessary to keep it unnatural even if it was lined with Christoph Waltz who plays the idol who was picked up and played the id who played it.

Therefore, " performance · capture " is used. Performance capture is a technology that reproduces the acting natural acting realistically.

Performance capture uses a large number of cameras to record the movement of the markers attached to the body of the actor.

Then, it converts the movement of the marker into data for 3DCG.

We will use the data to move the framework of the CG model.

You can see that Arita is fully created by incorporating Laura Salazar's acting acting.

According to Mr. Salazar, at performance capture, he said, "Mike, battery, camera, recorder is on his head, wearing gloves and suit and acting" It is necessary to get used to. "

However, thanks to that, it is possible to bring in better acting of the actor, then import it into the CG model as it is, reflect the weight feeling and physical characteristics, so "more realistic" video is born.

Richard Baneham, who is in charge of visual effects, told this, "If you try to reproduce manga you need level up".

By performance capture, images were created that made use of the characteristics of both real life and CGI. Here, the fight with Grucica is illustrated.

The difference from widely used "motion capture" is that it can capture not only the movement of the body but also the expression movement.

"The problem is whether it looks like a living human being even up," said Cameron.

In order to capture facial expressions, I captured Mr. Salazar's expression with two high resolution cameras.

WETA said that they read the image frame by frame and moved the expression of Arita.

According to Mr. Salazar, everything is reproduced as it is, until "dents and scratches of skin not wanted to be seen", "It seems that the face nuances have been completely transferred."

Mr. Yuuki Kiroki, who is the original author, is also very satisfied with this work that Mr. Randy said, "I am proud to have been able to fully combine live action and CGI with a single frame." The man who never reads the original is also wonderfully watched with a wonderfully built world and impressive images.

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