Notepin, a service that allows you to easily create super simple text blogs easily and free of charge

Even if you want to start a little blog or writing, it is hard for people who do not have design or HTML knowledge. There should also be people who want to convey only the things they want to tell without flashy decorations or advertisements. " Notepin " is a service that makes it easy to create blogs of super simple design without texty and no flashy decoration.

Notepin - Extremely simple note taking

Once you enter your blog name at the bottom of the top page, you can create a blog page by itself. The blog name you enter here will be the blog URL as it is, so you need to enter it with an alphabet.

The created blog page looks something like this. Click "Write" to create a note at once.

The editing page is an ultra simple specification that only has an input area. Enter the text and click "Post".

The notes were added like images.

To publish the created note as a blog, click the menu icon and select "Setting" from the menu.

Enter the title and description of the page.

In "Notebook password", once again input the password, click the check mark.

Since the URL of the blog is displayed in "Blog settings", clicking ......

You can view posted notes. Since the URL for management and the URL for browsing are somewhat similar, attention is necessary when sending to others.

If you get tired of being too simple, you can also change the theme by selecting a theme from the theme list of "Setting" and clicking "Use this theme" ......

The theme change requires an upgrade to a paid version of 11 dollars a year (about 1195 yen). In addition to changing the theme, I will be able to apply individual passwords to the notes and to let environmental sounds flow.

Also, if you upgrade to a higher grade yearly dollar (US $ 206) annually, you can freely set up your domain and analyze readers trends with Google Analytics. However, it is enough for entering text to enter a text and publishing a super simple blog, so it is useful for people who want to post as blogs as well as those who want to keep them as memos.

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