'Magic Copy' review that can be copied free of charge by just text sharing & shortcut keys between devices

In the case of "I want to make long sentences on PC and want to send to smartphone" or "I want to incorporate text of application that can only be used with smartphone to PC", there is a method of using online storage, but login or text Many people have felt it unexpectedly to create files or to do it. " Magic Copy " is a convenient free software that allows you to share text on multiple terminals just by copying with the shortcut key and saving the text to the clipboard, so I actually tried using it.

Magic Copy - # 1 Secure Cross Platform Clipboard

Looking at the movie below, you can see how the PC and smartphone are sharing text seamlessly and in real time.

I tried copying with free clipboard sharing software "Magic Copy" - YouTube

◆ User registration and installation on PC <br> Register user first. Please visit the official website and click "Register".

Enter user name, e-mail address, password and click "JOIN NOW".

Registration is completed when "Successfully ~" appears on the screen.

When user registration is completed, install "Magic Copy" on PC. Please visit the official website and click "Download For Free".

Since the OS of the PC to be installed is Windows, click "Windows".

Double-click the downloaded file "MagicCopy 1.2.7.msi" to start up and click "Execute".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Close".

Since the shortcut "Magic Copy" has been created on the desktop, double-click it to execute it.

Enter the e-mail address and password you used for user registration earlier and click "Login".

When logging in, "Magic Copy" is displayed on the lower right of the PC screen. By default, it is displayed on the front of the software such as the browser, but you can hide it by clicking the icon on the upper right.

◆ Install on smartphone "Magic Copy" can be downloaded from AppStore , Google Play . Here I will use the iOS version of the application to try it on iPhone.

"Magic Copy" on the App Store

Magic Copy - Apps on Google Play

Go to the above URL and tap "Get".

Tap "Install".

When installation is completed tap "Open".

Tap "Allow".

Enter the email address and password you used for user registration and tap "Sign in".

◆ Try to use <br> I will try using it now. First, select the text you want to share on your PC browser and copy it.

When you press the update button at the lower right of Magic Copy, the copied text will be displayed.

When you look at the screen of the smartphone, the copied text is displayed. When you tap "copy" and the dialog "Text copied!" Is displayed, the text is saved on the clipboard ......

You can use text by pasting it into iOS standard memo app.

If you want to delete the copied text, tap "Delete" displayed when you swipe to the left. Please be aware that deleting will erase the shared text from Magic Copy on all terminals.

Also, tap "Account" and then "Remove All" ......

By tapping "Yep!", It is also possible to delete all the text at once.

Now I will share the text from my smartphone. Copy the text you want to share on a browser such as Safari or Google Chrome ... ...

Switching from the browser to Magic Copy will display the dialog "Pasted ~" and at the same time the text will be shared.

When you return to the PC and press the update button of Magic Copy, the text copied with the smartphone is displayed.

Click on the text ......

"Copied ~" is displayed and the text is saved on the clipboard, so you can paste it on text making software etc. just like you did before.

By clicking the button on the bottom left, you can pause text sharing, which is useful for copying and pasting work that you do not share with other terminals.

Magic Copy is free software that allows you to share text data on multiple terminals simply by selecting text and copying it. You do not have to connect to the same local network, it is not an extension, so it is not bound by the browser either. Especially Android version and iOS version can share text instantly and its operation is stable so it is perfect for those who want to seamlessly share text between devices such as "smartphone and tablet PC" or "iPhone and Android smartphone" is.

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