A web service 'blobmaker' review service that makes it easy to create fluid shapes that are convenient for web design free of charge

When I try to make a website, it tends to be a design that makes it quite square. In " blobmaker ", it is easy to make a fluid shape like a slime with a soft and gentle impression that is perfect for a logo etc, in SVG format , so I tried it in practice.


When accessing Blobmaker it is like this. A fluid shape like "slime" displayed in the center is "Blob". Click on the "COLOR" icon on the bottom left ... ...

The color palette is displayed like this. If you want to choose a color not on the palette, you can select any color by entering a hexadecimal color code in the blank. Blob will be the selected color.

Move the slider "COMPLEXITY" to change the number of waviness on the circumference of the blob.

Move "COMPLEXITY" to the right, the shape of Blob is complicated with Ueneune.

By moving "COMPLEXITY" to the left, we will move to a simple shape.

Move the slider "CONTRAST" to change the curvature of the blob.

Sliding "CONTRAST" to the right, the curve of the Blob becomes steep ......

Move it to the left, it becomes close to a circle.

If you click the second button from the right, you can recreate the Blob at random with maintaining the settings of COLOR, COMPLEXITY, and CONTRAST. It can be done over and over again easily until you can create your favorite blob.

When the favorite blob is completed, click on the icon in the lower right to download the created blob in SVG format.

It helps you make your own logo etc by combining multiple created blobs.

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