Movement of the 'magnetic field' of the Earth became active, the cause is also unknown to researchers

by valentinantonucci

The earth's magnetic field was thought to be born about 4 billion years ago, and the latest magnetic field model was announced in 2015. It was thought that this model will last until 2020, but it became clear that model modification was necessary due to the rapid activation of the magnetic field.

Earth's magnetic field is acting up and geologists do not know why

The existence of "magnetic field" is not strongly aware of in daily life, but it is very important for the technology used in life. For example, the navigation function of Google Maps shows the direction in which you are facing almost correctly because you are using the GPS (Global Positioning System) and the geomagnetic sensor to determine the direction facing you.

However, it seems that there is a rapid change in this magnetic field. One possible cause is "Movement of Earth's magnetic poles".

There are two magnetic poles on the Earth, which is a gigantic magnet, so that the magnet always has two pairs of N and S poles. In the northern hemisphere is "North Magnetic Pole", in the Southern Hemisphere is "South Magnetic Pole", each is about 1000 km away from the extreme points (North Pole and South Pole). While the North Pole and South Pole are geographically defined points, the North and South Magnetic Poles may move due to geomagnetic fluctuations.

Changes in the position of magnetic poles based on the 12th generation international standard geomagnetic field (IGRF - 12) created by the geomagnetic world data analysis center attached to the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University .

The South pole moves northwest from Antarctica to the Indian Ocean side of the Antarctic Ocean.

On the other hand, the north magnetic pole was in the Nunavut Territory of Canada in 1980, but gradually moved northward and reached 85 degrees North Arctic Ocean in 2010. Move to higher latitude in 2015. Although the point of 2018 has not been drawn, it is said that he has entered the eastern hemisphere from the Western hemisphere beyond the date change line.

Due to the rapid movement of the north magnetic pole, the error of the magnetic field model is large at the point where the magnetic field is rapidly changing like the North Pole. The fact that the error of the magnetic field model is large means that errors are likely to occur in the data using the model.

Researchers point out "fluid magnetism" generated from the deep core as a further cause. The North magnetic pole is thought to be moving due to the influence of two large "magnetic field spots" in the basement of Canada and Siberia, but as a result of the fluid magnetic jet wave weakening the force of the underground magnetic field in Canada, It is a view that the north magnetic pole is pulled to Siberia.

However, I do not know the concrete things, and I am waiting for the progress of future research.

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