It turns out that there is a strong jet jet inside the earth

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), there was a jet jet inside the Earth and it turned out that it was moving at hundreds of thousands of times the speed of plate movement.

An accelerating high-latitude jet in Earth's core: Nature Geoscience: Nature Research

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ESA will be held in November 2013We launched three "SWARM" geomagnetic observation satellites, We have observed and analyzed the earth's magnetic field with high accuracy.

The image of SWARM observation is like this.

Space in Videos - 2012 - 09 - Swarm: a new constellation in the sky

"We do not know the core of the earth from the sun, which is blocked by 3000 km rocky grounds"Denmark Institute of TechnologyMr. Chris Finlay. Measurement of the magnetic field is one of the few ways that you can know deeply about this unknown core, and this time for the first time I realized that the jet exists jet in the core.


Many of the earth's magnetic fields are thought to be produced by the liquid "sea of ​​iron" whirling in the superheated state inside the Earth. This "sea of ​​iron" is called "core", the core is called "inner core" and the outside is called "outer core". Outside the nucleus are "mantle (upper mantle / lower mantle)" and "crust" consisting of hard rock.Plate tectonics"Plate" used in the combination of the hard part of the upper mantle and the crust, the thickness is about 100 km.

By ESA / AOES Medialab

Be the first author of the articleUniversity of LeedsAccording to Mr. Phil Livermore, the jet jets observed by SWARM are traveling at a pace of more than 40 km per year. This is equivalent to three times the movement of a general outer core, hundreds of thousands of times the movement of the plate.

Guillaume St-Onge of Quebec A. Rimouski University and otherspaperThe blue cylindrical area shown in the figure used in the "Tangent cylinder" is called. The fluid in the core moves from both sides toward the tangent cylinder, and the fluid converges, and the jet jet is born. Although it is unknown what moves the fluid, it is expected that it will be buoyancy or a change in the magnetic field in the core.

By Guillaume St-Onge, Joseph Stoner

According to Rune Floberghagen, manager of the SWARM mission, surprisingly the magnetic field is constantly changing, and the direction of jet jet is changing accordingly. These facts are the discovery of the "deep earth" first revealed by SWARM, and Mr. Floberghagen says that he is looking forward to what I can understand next.

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