Does the world's first sleep controllable eye mask "Neuroon" really allow "two hours a day sleep"?

Controlling human sleep "Multiphase sleep"And a device that realizes sleep for two hours a day is"Neuroon"is.Campaign with KickstarterA report which I tried using actual equipment is released to see what kind of effect the "smart eye mask" which was marketed through via actually will bring about.

NeuroOn analysis - results and discussion - alxd

I did this review with titles of web developers and othersAlxdThat is Powell · Cho Jackie. Cha Jockey is using Neuroon and EEG measurement equipment also used in the actual medical field to see how accurate Neuroon can operate.

Neuroon is a device that enables sleep detection and sleep control developed by Polish company "Inteliclinic". It is aimed at controlling the sleep of a human being by interlocking with a smartphone, detecting the phase of sleep by monitoring the movement of the brain wave and muscles during sleep, and movement of the eyeball.

In addition to having an electrode in the forehead part, LEDs are built in the eye part, and there is a mechanism that adjusts the brightness gradually and awakens efficiently.

About such Neuroon, Cha Jockey is carrying out detailed verification experiments. As a result of experiments conducted using several people for several months over several months, it is highlighting the difference from the equipment actually used in the medical field.

There is a wave in the depth of human sleep, there is an appropriate timing to wake up. Detect the timing from brain waves and body movementsSleep polygraph testThe following graph shows the difference when using the inspection apparatus used in Neuroon for detection. In cases where the sleeping polygraph examination device agreed with the timing when Neuroon determined that "wake-up was appropriate"73.8%And I know that it was a good one. On the other hand, for "26.2%" which did not match, Cha Jockey says that it is not a big problem because "you can wait for the next wave even if you can not get up at that timing".

However, on the other hand, Cha Jockey pointed out that the high discrepancy rate of the judgment that judges "not appropriate" will be a problem. Establishment that Neuroon judged "OK" at the timing when sleep polygraph inspection apparatus judged "now is no good" is31.6%, Which means thatI misjudged once in three timesIt will be. Those who have experiences when worrying timing should understand, but if they are woken out of the rhythm, there is no animation and you will spend most of the day in a state where the spirit does not happen So this error is a problem, Cha Jockey points out.

In addition, Cha Jockey pointed out the internal lag in use while pointing out the roughness of sleep phase judgment. Among the graphs below, the upper graph (unshifted) shows the difference in sleep phase judgment between medical equipment (blue) and Neuroon (red). If you look at this, you can see the tendency of the red line of Neuroon to follow after the blue line goes up and down. This is the time lag occurring in Neuroon, and it was said that it occurred up to 160 seconds for brain wave detection and up to 90 seconds for sleep detection. In the lower graph (shifted) that corrected this time lag, the line above and below matches to some extent, but compared with the blue line that is finely up and down, it turns out that the red line of Neuroon remains in rough movements I will. It is said that it shows the roughness of sleep phase judgment.

As a result, Cha Jockey's conclusion is that "Neuroon is not a medical grade device, but a machine better than a coin tos", somewhat bitter. Although I would like to expect improvements due to software updates etc., Cha Jockey talks about Neuroon's conclusion that "I was running too much on marketing and I did not do enough development."

For details of Cha Jockey's verification,Blog entryIt is possible to check with.

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