The European Space Agency successfully observed the existence of supersonic plasma jets surrounding the earth

A satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) observing the Earth's geomagnetismSWARMHas succeeded in observing the contents supporting the existence of a supersonic plasma jet flow occurring in the ionosphere of the earth. This plasma jet flow exists in the upper part of the Earth 's atmosphere and has the function of heating the temperature of the atmosphere to a maximum of about 10,000 degrees.

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This research result was published by the research team at the University of Calgary in "Swarm Science Meeting" held in Canada. The research team succeeded in observing the huge membrane-like current layer, which was supposed to occur in the upper atmosphere of the atmosphere, using SWARM consisting of three satellites. This current has the function of moving up to 1 terawatt of power to the upper layer, which amounts to 30 times the electric power consumed in the New York area where power consumption has been increased by attack by heat waves It seems to be a scale.

In this area,Solar windAnd the existence of a large current caused by the earth's geomagnetism is a Norwegian physicist more than 100 years agoChristian BirkelandIt was predicted by. Birkeland predicts that the space is filled with high-speed electrons and ions in 1913, and in 1970 direct observation using a satellite confirmed the existence of this current "Birkeland current" It was.

According to observations using SWARM this time, it is certain that this Birkeland current is related to the giant electric field of the Earth. "Using observational data from SWARM, we discovered that this strong current is producing supersonic plasma jet streams," said Bill Archer of Calgary University.

According to Mr. Archer, this plasma jet flow raises the temperature of the ionosphere to the maximum of 10,000 degrees Celsius and has a function to change the chemical composition. This also raises an ascending current in the ionosphere, and it has led to the release of atmospheric matter into the universe by receiving energy from space.

David Knudsen of the University of Calgary also said, "This discovery gives us knowledge on" potential "and will deepen our understanding of the Birken Land currents generated by geomagnetism and the ionosphere," the significance of the discovery I am talking.

SWARM is an observation system consisting of three satellites launched in 2013 and is observing on an earth orbit around 460 km and 530 km altitude. In addition to the sensor measuring geomagnetism, SWARM is equipped with equipment that measures the electric field,Drift, It is possible to measure the speed.

SWARM is an artificial satellite that makes it possible to observe the relationship between geomagnetism originating from the Earth's interior and the magnetosphere and plasma in the upper atmosphere. It is interesting to see what discovery will be realized by SWARM in the future.

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