The magnetic field of the Arctic circle suddenly moves and unexpected magnetic model modification is done

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The North Pole located at the northernmost tip of the Earth's axis is fixed geographically defined, but the magnetic north pointed by the azimuthal magnet is determined by the magnetic field ( geomagnetism ) of the Earth and fluctuates year by year due to changes in the geomagnetism Thing. Recent changes in geomagnetism have become active , as the map and navigation software accurately pointed north to the magnetic model and the actual magnetic north gap became noticeable, the update of the world magnetic model (WMM) was originally planned It is supposed to be released at shorter intervals .

The north magnetic pole just changed. Here's what that means.

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Although it varies from year to year unlike the North Pole, Magnetic North has moved at a steady speed for many years. When the position of the magnetic north was first identified in 1831, the magnetic north was in the Nunavut territory of Canada. Since then, the magnetic north has moved to the geographical north direction, and in recent years it is said that the magnetic north is moving at a speed of approximately 50 km per year. In addition, it seems that Magnan is hardly moving during this time strangely.

Magnetic field modeler Mr. William Brown in the UK Geological Survey said, "Magnetic north moved about 1000 km between 1900 and 1990. However, during the 1990s and 2019 the magnetic north was also 1000 km It is moving as much as possible, and the speed of movement is rising considerably. "

Because there is a difference between the geographical north and the north pointed by the compass magnet, the map producer is correcting the north in the map slightly according to the north pointed by the compass. Therefore, if the magnetic north moves, the map will be reprinted with a slight modification of the direction, and maps used by government agencies such as online maps and military are also modified each time the magnetic north moves. Sometimes it is said that the name of the runway was changed according to the change of the WMM at Alaska airport where the name of the runway was named according to points on the compass.

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Mr. Arnaud Turriette , a researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder and the American Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) , said that the migration of magnetic north faster than usual is due to the fact that the melting iron moving speed in the outer core of the Earth rapidly I think that it may be caused by the change in the company.

Mr. Phil Livermore , Leeds University geophysicist, also said, "Magnetic north is a very sensitive place," the possibility that the liquid jet jet in the outer nucleus of the earth strengthened and the movement of magnetic north is linked There is it.

Livermore explains the strange behaviors of the magnetic field as "tug of war" and explains that the magnetic north may be controlled as a result of the tug of the magnetic field deep in the northern Canada and in the deep underground in Siberia. So far the Canadian side won the tug of war with the movement of the magnetic north was gentle, in recent years the magnetic field of Siberia side is winning, it may be that the magnetic north is moving rapidly. There is a possibility that a jet jet in the outer nucleus may be involved in the tug of this magnetic field, but Mr. Livermore showed a cautious stance to jump to an easy conclusion.

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However, the movement of magnetic north does not have a big influence on the lives of the general public. When using compass in the immediate vicinity of the North Pole, the difference between the north in the geographical direction and the north pointed by the compass may be a problem, but it is said that there is little influence in areas where the latitude is lower than the latitude of approximately 55 degrees north latitude about. "I do not want to exaggerate things, I do not have a problem with models that were used until recently at low latitudes, and errors are limited only to the Arctic surroundings," he said.

The WMM is normally being updated with a span of five years and the WMM which was updated in 2015 was scheduled to be used until the end of 2019. However, in 2017, many researchers involved in the creation of WMM decided that "we should update it at the beginning of 2019 instead of continuing to use it until the end of 2019 when the WMM set in 2015 expires" I heard he did. At the time of article creation, three satellites measure the Earth's magnetic field every 90 minutes, and 160 labs constantly measure the magnetic field. The new WMM was tweaked using the data of the past three years collected by these institutions.

Although the release of the new WMM had been postponed for a while due to the influence of the closure of the government agencies in the United States, the latest version of WMM was published by NOAA on February 4, 2019. This model will be used until the end of 2019, after which periodic magnetic North Update as scheduled will be done in 2020. The same model is expected to continue to be used until 2025.

Mr. Brown says, "The magnetic field is changing," he says that there is no need to panic even if the magnetic north is rapidly moving. Also, Mr. Kieran Began , a researcher at the UK Geological Survey, said, "There are no signs of geomagnetic reversal that is of concern, and even if geomagnetic reversal occurs, the reversal will take thousands of years "I mentioned.

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