Actually, the healthiest people in the world do not go including sports gym

By Jeffrey Zeldman

It is said that moderate exercise is indispensable for sending a healthy life for as long as possible. Many people go to the gym to solve the lack of daily exercise, but in fact many of the world's healthiest and long living people do not go to the gym, It is clarified that exercise is done sufficiently inside.

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The Healthiest People in the World Do not Go to the Gym

There are places in the world where the average life expectancy of residents is higher than in other areas, and such areas are called " blue zones ". There are several blue zones in the world, such as Romarinda in California, USA, Icaria Island in Greece, Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica, and Okinawa in Japan etc are known.

According to a survey of organizations Blue Zones that are providing research and know-how to live long in health, people living in those areas do not necessarily go to the gym for health, It is said that we are in the situation where necessary exercise is done by incorporating nature and exercise into it.

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"Rituals of civilization" such as vehicles such as automobiles and trains and electrical equipment for convenience of life are widely penetrated into modern life, but in the life of residents of the Blue Zone these devices are It tends not to be used much. In many cases, when you move to a nearby place you walk and walk in the garden, doing a lifestyle such as using your hands and feet without using a machine, so that exercise naturally in your life It is said that it is supposed to be seen.

This "being incorporated into life" is one of the important points. The act of "going to the gym" is basically not a routine task and it is necessary to secure time, such as by adjusting the schedule for that. If you return the other side, it means "You can not go to the gym without time", but residents of the Blue Zone are exercising as routine work every day, so it is not necessary to devote more effort than necessary It is highlighting that exercise can be done.

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Nonetheless, it is harder than expected that modern people who are working in the company do the proper momentum everyday. Researchers say that "the easiest way to incorporate exercise into everyday life without difficulty is to incorporate 15 minutes of walking every day at work." Also, it is impossible to do walking every day in some form has a health disadvantage. Those who walk about 6 hours a week are known to have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases and the rate of dementia is reduced by 40% by daily walking Research results have also been announced .

It is said that all animals including humans are "moving" in the process of evolution and not doing the necessary exercise produces biologically ineffective results. Going to the gym to do the missing exercise itself is a good thing but if you know that most of the exercise you need can be secured even in your daily life, "Today I got off the train one earlier today Will you feel like exercising with nature in the wind like "Walk home?"

The following Blue Zones page lists the nine points that people who live in the Blue Zone value healthy and long-lived.

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1. Move Naturally (natural momentum in life)
2. Purpose (Ikigai)
3. Down Shift (slow down speed)
4.80% Rule (belly eight)
Five. Plant Slant (vegetable diet)
6. Wine @ 5 (1 - 2 cups of alcohol per day)
7. Belong (belongs to a close community)
8. Loved Ones First (cherish your family)
9. Right Tribe (Mutual assistance · Mixture of Okinawa etc.)

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