Documentary 'The Truth About Killer Robots' focusing on human death accident caused by fully automated robot with AI as brain

Automated driving cars are not only automakers but also IT giants such as Apple and Google will devote themselves to development. In such an automated driving car, Tesla and Uber are causing death accidents involving drivers and pedestrians, but it is rare to be taken up as such a big problem. A documentary film " The Truth About Killer Robots " focusing on "human death accidents caused by robots" occurring not only in the automated driving car but also a little is released soon.

You can watch the trailer of "The Truth About Killer Robots" from below.

The Truth About Killer Robots (2018) | Official Trailer | HBO - YouTube

Machine speech reads an ominous dialogue that "This is a story of automation and the person who dies in the process".

The man who came out first said, "The robot killed the man."

After that, the robot arm blows away the dummy doll used for automobile crash experiments and the like. I suggest that this kind of accident happened in the past.

Then another man said "It is the first death accident in an automatic driving car ..."

An animation flows as if simulating the movement of the automatic driving car at the time of the accident.

It is said that work that repeatedly performs the same work, such as long distance trucks, pizza craftsmen, and keyboard assembly work, will be replaced by AI at first.

A third male appeared, "Although basic routines exist for all kinds of work, such repetitive work will be lost by the appearance of AI."

Indeed, automation using machines has already advanced in many work.

However, another male said, "We are not trying to replace the labor force with a robot, but we are thinking of using robots to support workers," says an advanced robot Pointed out that it tends to be misunderstood.

It shows the situation of the site where the fully automated robot and the worker actually work together.

Another person said, "Currently machines are very inexpensive but they can do exactly the same work as human beings.In addition, machines can work less expensively than human beings, I am talking, "explains the advantages of the machine in an easy-to-understand manner.

In fact, pizza will be made easily and fully automatically.

"I feel that many people are left behind in the times."

"The greatest expected crisis is an emotional reaction due to distrust", after the words by humans ... ...

The machine voice that appeared at the beginning also "The dynamics between the robot and the human being has changed, you do not know when you will end anymore"

"And then we start," the movie ends with lines like robots tell the arrival of robot era.

The "The Truth About Killer Robots" will be broadcast on HBO from 22 o'clock on November 26, 2018 in local time. In the explanation section of the trailer published on YouTube, the words of Isaac Asimov which wrote " Three Principles of Robotics Engineering " in his own SF novel, and engineer, factory worker, journalist, philosopher who is involved in robot development It is supposed to make an alert to the future managed by artificial intelligence (AI) from an interview to.

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