Headline news on November 6, 2018

The book poster of " Masked Rider Heisei Generation FOREVER " released from Saturday, December 22, 2018 has been banned. As the film of "Heisei" Kamen Rider series, the poster of this work of the 20th work is suitable for concluding "Heisei", Heisei mask riders are meeting in one place.

Special News 'Heisei Kamen Rider 20 Memorial Masked Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER' - YouTube

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A 28-year-old successful talking about selling supermarkets sold at Amazon and succeeding with getting a lot of money? - GIGAZINE

Making from a glass melting a main mirror with a diameter of 8.4 meters, which is used for the world's largest "giant Magellan telescope" - GIGAZINE

An 18-year-old player got 25 million yen in prize money and I saw the extraordinary e-sports "Haasstone World Championship" - GIGAZINE

Do you ever get injured with "pain" that you feel eating spicy hot pepper? - GIGAZINE

Affection hormone "Oxytocin" turns social communication into pleasure and adds addiction like marijuana - GIGAZINE

Life expectancy Star Wars fans observe the latest work before the release with Jedi's rough idea - GIGAZINE

How to identify the location of 'ghost city' where people are scattered around China - GIGAZINE

Research results will be announced that drinking a lot of milk will increase fracture rate and mortality rate - GIGAZINE

"F Bomb" to display people who tweet "F word" tweeted on the map - GIGAZINE

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Extreme weather in summer, 1.5 times by 2100? Latest research | National Geographic Japan version site

Moon's "LOVE" found NASA's today's adoption: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Humans and pigs ambiguous creatures! Review rules over?? | NHK NEWS WEB

How will it change? Display system of genetic modification WEDGE Infinity (wedge)

"Natural enemy" effect of a wind power plant disturbing the ecosystem, international research photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

In some ecosystems, a research paper that wind farms function as the top "predator" and harm the birds of prey at the top of the food chain was announced on May 5 It was. The paper pointed out the current situation that promoters of green (renewable) energy overlooked the domino effect caused by wind power plants.

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Symptoms similar to increasing cold, attention required for children's limbs Asahi Newspaper Digital

The number of reports of "acute relaxation (sexual activity) madness" in which children suddenly come into their limbs has increased since around October. Three years before, entertainment of enterovirus D68 infection and epidemics of a series of paralysis, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has asked medical institutions nationwide from May this year to strengthen monitoring. Relations are pointed out this time as well. Experts call on thorough hand washing and early consultation to medical institutions.

Keidanren organizes action plan to realize "creative society" | NHK News

Keidanren named the ideal society aimed at by Japanese society as a "creative society" and summarized the action plan for realizing it. AI = We are proposing that innovation such as artificial intelligence should be taken into consideration and change will be necessary in areas such as corporate activities and education.

Nippon Keidanren regards the "creative society" as the fifth new society following changes from hunting, farming to industrial, information society.

CNN.co.jp: Funny taste of male death, parasite, coma and Mahi Ah

Japanese Government fails to summon the ambassador to the International Judiciary Court due to reprogramming issue - Sankei News

Deaths in irrigation canals, Okayama, Toyama, Saitama with conspicuous over 100 people a year: Asahi Shimbun Digital

TBS, the real estate business of the main business and the broadcast business of the side job: light market and market power two-storied building

Air bad, change the name of the station ... To the renaming of "Industrial Road Station": Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Response of Japan over former recruitment decisions Repulsion / criticism spreading in Korea: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Comfort women agreement is "no legal binding force" Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds: Asahi Shimbun Digital

High skills talent, Japan is the shortfall due to lack of skills: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Fishery system for the first time in 70 years Review aiming at companies entering the aquaculture industry Cabinet decision | NHK News

The government decided on a bill related to fishery reform incorporating a review of the fishery system for the first time in about 70 years at the Cabinet meeting on June 6. While the fishery industry is sluggish due to the aging of fishermen, it is aimed at making it easier for companies to enter the coastal aquaculture industry.

According to the Fisheries Agency, the catch of the domestic fishery including the aquaculture industry is 4.3 million tons, which is reduced to about a third of the peak hour.

Under these circumstances, the government decided a bill related to fishery reform at the Cabinet meeting on June 6 to change the fishery industry into a growth industry.

Chief Cabinet Chief Cabinet Secretary Highlighted consideration of international tribunal consideration | NHK News

Bus driver stopped running and stopped running as a bus driver Passengers abandoned in Awaji Tour of the ocean in Tokushima | Tokushima Shimbun WEB - This kiji is

Mr. Trump regrets intense tone "I should have calmed more" | Reuters

Huawei Hu Rotation Chairman "Delay in Trade Friction and Technological Innovation": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Disaster affects Hankyu Hanshin HD performance Results of the Tigers losing streak? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

Rubella Patient Male is 4.5 times Female "Vaccination" | NHK News

Rubella patients are concerned about the influence of the Olympics for more than 100 experts for 8 consecutive weeks: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Japan, South Korea as a WTO Challenge to support shipbuilding companies: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Guatemala: Damaged woman is a flute player, Mr. Karimoto Kimoto - Mainichi Newspaper

Doubt made a stimulant, part of the material to the student who arrested the juvenile: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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People traveling to the past as "Is it terrible now so far" in the "real crackdown situation in the Uighur Autonomous Region" reported by local travelers also startle - Togetter

"Government office is generating working poor" One non-regular person in five local public servants - Yahoo! News

It was around ten years ago that the word "working poor" spread in Japan. Meanwhile, "non-regular employment", which accounts for the majority of the working poor, also extends to civil servants. Among them, irregular officials of local governments reached approximately 643,000 in 2016. More than 40% increased from about 456,000 in 2005, the administration site is now "one out of five people are irregular". The unstable way of working with low wages is exactly the same as private non-regular workers, just "government working poor".

Snail turtle: close to taste chicken Placenturi alien species, eating and cleaning - Mainichi Shimbun

News Up "Do not want it?" What is on school site ... | NHK News

"Forest School" "Club club / club training camp" "School trip". Although it is a big event of the school days, perhaps, in the summer of the year after the coming year, there may be a school where these events can not be carried out. The reason is that due to the bus shortage at the Tokyo Olympic Games, there was an unusual cooperation request from the organizing committee. Also on the net are critical writings such as "I do not want it, until the end of the Olympics! What on earth is happening? I looked it up.

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iPhone "XR" increase production abort requested to Taiwan outsourcer: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Ethics guidelines for EU, AI Prevent discrimination of race and gender: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Softbank Fund, a video application TikTok invested in: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Annual energy consumption of bit coin mining, 1 warning photograph on "hidden environmental cost" bigger than Denmark International news: AFPBB News

Rinnai, "Look," "Listen," "You can talk" | Microsoft Microsoft - YouTube

A day when Professor 's mistake became apparent "East Japan Rokario - kun' s birth parent" Noriko Noriko ". Human beings are losing in reading comprehension to artificial intelligence - Togetter

iPhone Xs' FaceID and portrait mode shot with infrared camera - xckb type notebook

I looked back on the culture of software developers in overseas and Japan - reyabe - Medium

FPGA Ultimate - Structure and Development Method - Jazz and Engineer

Nuxt.js v2 and GAE / SE Node.js to achieve SPA × SSR × PWA × serverless - DMM inside

Move general language expression model BERT in Japanese (PyTorch) - Qiita

Object-based UI design | Yoko Nishida | note

Express expressions like Kibana's Visualize - Taste of Tech Topics

Coordinate Speed ​​cuing records sent to Spreadsheet with Slack and Pixela - Poetry and Creation · Jubilee

I used Cloud AutoML Vision to identify the type of curry - google - cloud - jp - Medium

LINE Game One Month Stop Problem with Apple Appraisal: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

HTTP over QUIC and its name (about HTTP 3) - ASnoKaze blog

Who is the US net group "Q"? Conspiracy thesis posted on the bulletin board: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Expenses due to the use of Big Sight by Tokyo Olympic Games for Comike Charging | BIGLOBE NEWS


XAI "WHITE OUT" Music Video GODZILLA ver. - YouTube

XAI "live and die" music video GODZILLA ver. (Short) - YouTube

"Déraciné" launch trailer - YouTube

"Everything is too hot" "I will try myself" There was a game abroad that knows what happened to a mixed-blooded child in Norway after the war - Togetter

Nishihiko Kyogoku supervised responsibility "Mizuki Shigeru Comic Books Complete Works" Completed! Special Talk | Today's Recommendation | Kodansha Comic Plus

Of late · Mr. Shigeru Mizuki's representative work "Gegege no Kitaro" and "Devil kun" as well as valuable rental cartoon works, excavated from the back of the warehouse, until hidden masterpieces that were not previously recorded in books and bunko "Mizuki shigeru cartoon large collection" recorded. This complete collection, which is also a topic of beautiful printing by delicate digital processing, was realized by Mr. Nishihiko Kyogoku's supervision of Mr. Mizuki as master. It took about 6 years to complete from the start of production. Mr. Kenji Murakami, editorial member and Mr. Koichi Sakano of designer, talked about the continuation of hardships.

Animation "Karakuri Circus", Father's Will "Can all the property be all the third son" can you do? - lawyer dot com

Bushiroad Kiya Takaaki speaks, "Bundle! Project's Trail and the Future "I want to make it work for decades" - Real Sound | Real sound

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Nippon Ham New Ball Stadium, large leagued retractable roof, on-site spa facilities: Asahi Shimbun Digital


Movie "Uncle Drew" special video - YouTube

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The thickest in Calbee history! Approximately 3 times the thickness of ordinary potato chips! Potato chips like gold cook "Potato Deluxe Mild Salt Flavor / Black Pepper Flavor" November 12 (Monday) Shin-etsu Area Limited Release!

\ Festival! SUBMUCHO 25th anniversary / 2 kinds of "snow" newly appeared! Exquisite taste of umami and "refreshing"! "Sappo mocho" Exciting strong acidity! "Much tiny moucho"

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