Children who challenge the walls of snow no matter how many times they slide, parents bear watching over them

A movie of parent and child bear who desperately climbs a large snowy wall of tens of meters desperately is talking about. Climbing the snowy mountain with a small body, keep on trying when you slide back and forth many times, from the appearance of a mother who is watching over it carefully, the severity of nature and the affection of parents and children are coming to pass.

Twitter's posting titled "Power of will and perseverance" contains the whole story that the bear's parent and child climb the snowy wall with a tremendous height. Experienced mother bear (right) was able to climb safely with big body ... ...

Slightly weightless childbears who do not stand on their feet slide down and slide.

Even if you slide down, a bear goal is aiming for the summit where your mother is without giving up.

Switching to the same route as my mumma, I came up to the place of "a bit more!"

On the verge of reaching hands, it fell again.

In the distance, it will be several tens of meters, slide down the slope, in a blink of an eye ......

Finally stop where the ground is exposed.

Nevertheless, a bear begging to climb to her mother. The eyes are gnawed in the picture taken from the drone, and I will send cheers in my mind without thinking "Do your best!

A child bear can not reach the mother unless it climbs up this beating slope ... ....

A child bear to try again. Climb the slope well ... ...

Finally I reached my mother!

Parents are running away with a step like skipping. On the way, the mother bear looking backwards many times, is it saying "Keep it together" or "You did your best well," is one page of nature that thinks about such a thing.

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