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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the masterpiece of Kozo Hirano "Hellsing", OVA " HELLSING " BOX released in 2006 to 2012 will be released on November 28, 2018 (Wednesday, 2018) Decided.

Contents of "regular edition" are recorded on 3 Blu-ray discs with non credit ED and English version audio attached as a bonus to all 10 episodes. In addition, the bonus disc contains 1 to 3 of Foreign Language Petit Anime The Dawn. The price is 10,940 yen including tax.

In addition, limited edition " HELLSING OVA 20th ANNIVERSARY DELUXE STEEL LIMITED " with special steel book and Hirono Kota jacket works line drawing was sold in limited quantities by 21,760 yen including tax.

For those who already own Blu-ray, but who are concerned about limited privileges, in the NBC Universal official online store "Ahoba Saru" limited, special steel book and Hirono Kota Jacket Works line drawing collection The set will be sold. The price is 4320 yen including tax, it is the same as the difference between the limited version and the regular version.

In fact, since the start of serialization is May 1997, it is an open secret that the 21st anniversary.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

The unpredictable Chinese space station "Amenomi No. 1" predicts that it falls to "somewhere on Earth" around January 2018 - GIGAZINE

Wireless charging terminal "Pi" that can supply power to multiple units at the same time by placing the smartphone nearby - GIGAZINE

"Solar thermal power generation" power station "Crescent Dunes" to generate electricity using solar light collected at one point - GIGAZINE

The legendary simulation RPG became the sequel "Bocoska Wars 2" for the first time in 30 years and was reborn, so I've been experiencing what kind of game it is - GIGAZINE

Just traveling is meaningless, choosing the purpose and destination of the trip - GIGAZINE

There is a "weekend effect" that the mortality rate at hospital jumps up on weekends - GIGAZINE

How to manage tasks by summarizing all information with simple notes - GIGAZINE

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A child who does not sweat, is it due to air conditioning? The face is bright red ...: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Only one "triangle pair" found in the world Keio University graduate student 2 people Proof: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Shincho 45: Special feature on the advocacy of Sugita water vessel law criticism is "misplaced" - Mainichi Newspaper

The monthly magazine "Shincho 45" which posted the contribution of the House of Representatives Sugita water vessel that denied sexual minorities (such as LGBT) as "not productive" was released in the October issue of the 18th, "Is it so fun?" Sugita vein "Papers" on the topic. Mr. Sugita's criticism is "big misunderstanding bashing", and editorial researcher Nobuaki Fujioka and literary critic literary critic Eitaro Ogawa including 7 contributors are posted. In the interview of the Mainichi Shimbun asking for the aim of the project, the magazine editorial staff replied, "All the contents of the magazine are all posted and various opinions are posted so please read carefully."

Shincho 45 criticism Shinchosha Akagi RT | BIGLOBE NEWS

"Shincho 45" which published a paper pointed out that the Liberal Democratic Party · Sugita Water Parlor is "not productive" to the same-sex couple posted a special feature that defends this paper in the October issue. On the other hand, many voices of criticism have been raised on the net, but the literary editorial department of the same Shinchosha also rebounded on Twitter. It is an exceptional situation that we retweet the criticism of the feature one after another.

A police officer in a police box was stabbed by a man and the dead man was shot by another policeman and died Sendai | NHK News

Around the 4th of April 19, a 33-year-old male police chief and a 47-year-old patrol section director came to correspond, saying "The man picked up a lost item" at the Higashi-Sendai Koban in Sendai-shi Miyagino Ward.

After that, the police chief entered the back office in the back, as he heard a fighting voice for a while, he returned and the police chief was stabbed with a knife and that he was lying on his stomach lodged with blood.

The man also collapsed, but as he came up with a knife, he was shooting fire three gun shots.

Hokkaido Earthquake: TV and light demand rapidly increased all at once, partly due to blackout - Mainichi Newspaper

After the Hokkaido earthquake occurred in the early part of this month, it turned out that the demand for electricity had increased sharply until the whole area of ​​the province was blacked out (blackout). Supply not only drops significantly due to the stop of the main thermal power plant, the demand has also increased sharply, which makes it difficult to balance the demand and supply due to forced power outage etc. It is possible that it caused blackout.

Pregnant woman's judgment cost of young women, full amount subsidy Aim to reduce uncontrollable: Asahi Shimbun Digital

To reduce pregnant women who are not undergoing medical examinations or regular medical examinations during pregnancy, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has strengthened its policy to increase support measures for young women who may be pregnant. When the person himself agrees, the health nurses go to the medical institution together, and it is an idea to fully support the pregnancy determination expenses at the medical institution. It is included in the estimate request of the 2019 budget. It will be implemented as soon as next year.

Prime Minister Abe "It was not such a thing as Hakusuku" Pressure problem - Society: Nikkan Sports

As for the problem that a member who supports the prime minister is asking Mr. Saito who supports Ishihiro to resign his minister's resignation, the prime minister says, "If anyone told the campaign, no one said anything, I want you to say, "I asked Mr. Saito's doubt. Mr. Saito said in advance that "the direction of the Abe administration is correct, so I will support Mr. Ishihisa because there are obligations," also "seeking" that I have asked for approval. "Please let me support you with all your power", revealed.

Mr. Ishiro, who was listening to the prime minister's story with a hard expression, said, "Mr. Saito is not a person who makes a fictional story, I assume that there was (pressure) because he said." I expressed discomfort to the remarks of the prime minister who seemed to annoy Mr. Saito. "Mr. Saito does not say who I am, what happens, I do not have anything confusing within the party." Their pride minister's remarks, which urged them to take over, were angered by saying that they resemble the sexual harassment issue of the Ministry of Finance, saying to the victims.

Employee's "motivation deviation value" is calculated and provided to investors etc. | NHK News

"I believe investors will know that employees' consciousness is very high even though profit has not appeared on the financial indicator, I decided to disclose the indicators and I think that it will lead to recruiting activities." It was.

Goldfish telephone box: Artwriters sued "copyright infringement" Nara - Mainichi Newspaper

Blackmail allegation: arrested five boys and others - threaten Cork made helmet - Mainichi Newspaper

If it is China retaliation 25% tariff trump to all imported products Mr. Mr. Trump (PHOTO = AP): Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Passing to the picked up pistols, toys and policemen "Ah, this one": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Focus: Korean steel industry suffering from the price of exemption from US tariff, Japan exports exports | Reuters

Rubella patients over 100 vaccine investigations in 1 week increment | NHK News

The number of rubella patients increased again in 1 week until the 9th of this month, and 127 new infections were reported anew, and 496 people have been reported to date. It is the first time this season that the number of patients in one week has exceeded 100 people, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases urges the necessary people to consider vaccination.

Kobe Shimbun NEXT | General | Connecting 6 stations in Sannomiya 130 m Establishment of escalator JR, private railway, subway

Wheat straw, limited production Limited attention due to plastic abolition problem: Nagano: Chunichi Shimbun (CHUNICHI Web)

Kazuo Tamura "A book to read when government officials are in trouble with Congress" - Paper shop laboratory

Typhoon No. 21: Over 60% in Osaka Bay "Anchor" or Incident Bridge Including Collision Vessels - Mainichi Newspaper

Convenience stores closed in Kyoto for 20 years Lot price pushed up to Japan visitors: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A female deceased, husband / second daughter also injured ... arrested relative: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Long-term accommodation of non-permanent stay "My husband does not do bad things" "My child is crying", the family complains appeal - lawyer dot com

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My spirit withered though it is a new graduate

Three works (Mizushima Hiroaki), such as NHK "Long hospitalized admission" for poverty journalism grand prix, Miki Aoki "A city erased from the map" - Personal - Yahoo! News

While the number of deaths due to gastric cancer is decreasing, is insurance application for removal of Helicobacter pylori affected?

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Road closing signboard "Seriously impossible" Collapse Contagious outstanding SNS consciousness on site photo - withnews (with news)

Construction of a stepping stone server in GCP Memo - Today as well

Weathernews collaborates with NVIDIA in AI project to visualize and predict precipitation distribution in the world with high accuracy | Weathernews Inc.

In this project weathernews will start solving three issues with Deep Learning technology utilizing NVIDIA's world-leading AI supercomputer. In this project, satellite images with highly accurate information centered on Japan and rain cloud radar images as teacher data, generate rain cloud radar images based on satellite images, visualize and predict the situation of rain. In other words, maintenance and maintenance are not necessary even in the areas where weather observation infrastructure such as weather radar is not yet developed or on the sea.
As a first step, we plan to expand Southeast Asia as an area to be analyzed and then expand it to other areas.

Professor Tokumaru told the second edition "How to make a secure web application"

Essence of Progressive Web Apps development iOS engineer should know # iOSDC 2018 - laiso

Column: Fate destined to be swept by the auto industry, Google | Reuters

When the IPv4 - private IP address was invented, who was originally using - as global IP address did not you have trouble? (146833) | teratail

"The president is a one man" in a change job site ... slander or information: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"President is one man" "General employees are prohibiting what they are talking about"

There was such a writing from a person who said that two years ago at a major change job information site, he was an employee of a machine manufacturer of Shikoku. The company asked for disclosure of the name and address of the contributor as "factless", but because the provider did not respond, it sued the Takamatsu District Court. The ruling of August last year approved the request and ordered the disclosure of information.

Customers using smartphones / mobile phones | News | au

Through the update to iOS 12 that started today, it is confirmed that the transmission and reception of SMS and the reception of MMS (people using e-mail in the message application) can not be received.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but customers who use iPhone 5s should refrain from updating iOS until this event is improved.

For those who have already updated to iOS 12 on iPhone 5s, you can send and receive SMS and receive MMS by changing the following settings.

Puppeteer on AWS Lambda to capture Japanese captured capture and upload it to S3

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N1RV Ann-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action Reveal Trailer - YouTube

"PlayStation Classic" announce trailer - YouTube

"Ki-ringtone" listen video (TV anime "Girl ☆ Opera Revue Sturlight" original track included) - YouTube

11/29 released! 【PQ2】 Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth PV # 02 - YouTube

PlayStation (R) 4 "ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER" 4th PV - YouTube

"ACE COMBAT (TM) 7: SKIES UNKNOWN" Story TRAILER (Dark Blue) Japanese Voice Version - YouTube

"Super Bomberman R" Large update promotion movie - YouTube

The loading time of FGO on Android is so long that there is a painful problem other than to buy a device - tinyly a diary

Discussion on gacha regulation begins at all over Europe (Takashi Kiso) - Individual - Yahoo! News

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"Summer time" approval approval 27% opposite 43% NHK opinion poll | NHK News

According to NHK polls about introducing "summertime" in measures against the heat of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, "opinion" was 27% and "opposite" was 43%.

1000 yen a day to the Tokyo Olympic parade volunteer "To transportation fee" | NHK News

Prior to this, volunteer review committee was held and volunteers decided to pay 1,000 yen per day for participation as an amount equivalent to the transportation cost from home or stay to the competition site on 18th .

We are considering paying on prepaid cards we prepare individually every day and we are planning to make card designs related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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(PDF file) Our Guts Rice Bottar Chill Ebirichiran Soba Soba 2018/10/8 New Release

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