How did Amazon grow to be a huge enterprise that exceeded $ 1 trillion in market capitalization?

By Robert Scoble

Amazon is a company that has achieved a market value of more than 1 trillion dollars (about 112 trillion yen) of the second company in the United States following Apple and now it has grown to become a very big company looking for strangers. Although it is world-renowned Amazon, there should be few people who know the fact that at the beginning of the service it was an online mail-order site that deals only with books. AcquiredBy explains how Amazon has grown into a giant global company worldwide.

Amazon: How it Grew (Infographic) | AcquiredBy

Mr. Jeff Bezos who founded Amazon had the ambition of "taking the top in online shopping world" when starting service as an online bookstore. For this reason, after opening as an online bookstore, products of various genres such as clothing are now sold on Amazon.

After that, Amazon launched the Amazon Associate program . This program is "to promote products sold on Amazon to users," so when users with blogs or websites introduce their favorite items on the site, they will be sent to Amazon's product page You can receive the reward according to the sales of the product simply by pasting the link. This program will increase Amazon's famousness and succeed in greatly increasing sales afterwards.

In 2005, we launched " Amazon Prime ", a membership service with benefits such as free delivery of items on the same day, and expanded services for general customers. In the same year, we also launched cloud services for companies such as " Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)" and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). In 2007, two years later, we launched an e-book service " Amazon Kindle " and developed services in various fields. After that, it got a large share in many fields, and Amazon has grown greatly.

Amazon provides services in 11 countries as of 2017, and it has more than 300 million users in total. In October 2017, we succeeded in selling more than 3 billion items per month, and we have won the world's top share as an EC site .

At the time of article creation, Amazon announced that it made Hindi support for mobile-friendly websites and smartphone applications in order to raise sales in India, and further growth is expected in the future.

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