launches a new site "AmazonSmile"

Fresh food delivery service "Amazon Fresh" that develops a new style of online shopping including new styles such as new site that can donate some of the shopping fee to the charity group chosen by the user "AmazonSmile"It was started.


AmazonSmile is designed to allow users to select one of the charity organizations currently registered nearly 1 million, and donate to organizations that chose 0.5% of their fees when shopping at AmazonSmile.

When you log in to AmzonSmile with account, charity organizations that can donate are displayed, so choose one from them.

If there are no organizations that you would like to donate, you can search and select organizations that meet your needs. Try searching for "Japan" and 382 charity groups related to Japan in the United States were displayed.

The AmazonSmile site looks something like this. The number and prices of items on AmazonSmile are exactly the same as

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