Google considers 'URL should be lost' in order to make the web secure

" URL " which is the address of the Internet plays an important role connecting the information of the world over the Internet. However, Google, a major search company, thinks that "URL should be lost from a safety point of view".

To Save the Internet, Google Wants to Kill Web Addresses | Digital Trends

The problem that the URL has in terms of the safety of the net is that it is "long and complicated and hard to understand". Criminals who attack cyber attacks are spreading incorrect information and software by exploiting the characteristics of this URL to launch phishing attacks. For example, the following fraudulent services that exploit Google's brand have appeared.

A mysterious site "" not like Google appears like Google - GIGAZINE

Attack methods have also appeared that render the act itself of "confirming the URL to ascertain information sources" meaningless.

The possibility that URL spoofing that can not be perceived by human eyes is used for phishing scams, measures in Firefox are: - GIGAZINE

Google, which provides search services, emphasizes the "URL" elements linked to other pages in the search ranking of specific words. Therefore, Google 's suggestion of "Should the URL itself be abolished?" Seems strange at first glance. However, increasing the reliability and safety on the Internet is also an important matter with fundamental value to Google's business model that provides search services to users and obtains usage fees from advertisers, It seems to Google that it is better to abolish.

Nonetheless, what alternatives would be taken to abolish the URL? We do not have the specific idea of ​​that. Building a mechanism for sharing a link that is well-balanced between convenience and security seems to be lying as a problem for the entire Internet user, not just Google.

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