I tried using `` TrackingTheTrackers '' which can identify a disguised third party tracker with one button

Third-party cookies used for targeted advertising and other purposes are of concern from a privacy perspective, and Google Chrome has announced that it will

discontinue support for third-party cookies in January 2020. However, some websites disguise third-party trackers as first-party trackers. By using ' TrackingTrackers ', it is possible to determine the website that is disguised as such, so I actually tried using it.


To use TrackingTheTrackers, first enter the URL you want to check for fake in the text field and click 'ANALYZE'.

When I entered the GIGAZINE URL, it was displayed as 'Good news. This website does not seem to disguise the tracker as a first party.'

Can you really see through the camouflaged site ...? For those who think, a sample link was also included. In the list under 'Not inspired?', Right-click on 'apple.com' and press 'Open in new tab'.

Then the result of investigating Apple's URL 'https://www.apple.com/' was displayed. 'When you open apple.com, three different requests are sent to this tracker immediately,' Apple was determined to be 'impersonating a third-party tracker as a first party.' The third-party tracker is from Adobe Experience Cloud.

It also analyzes what cookies are sent to disguised third-party trackers.

Also, the

Washington Post , a major news media, and ...

USA TODAY also disguised third-party trackers as first-party ones.

Disguising a third-party tracker as a first-party tracker is called 'CNAME Cloaking,' as the name implies, uses a CNAME record and embeds a first-party cracker into a website with a subdomain that redirects to a third party. Firefox's affiliated DNS service ' NextDNS ' provides a filter to prevent this spoofing, and TrackingTheTrackers is also a tool published by NextDNS. The details of how CNAME Cloaking is performed are disclosed by NextDNS below.

CNAME Cloaking, the dangerous disguise of third-party trackers

Also, NextDNS is free to use, and you can read how to use it below.

Summary of how to set up a safe and customizable DNS service `` NextDNS '' affiliated with Firefox-gigazine

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