I tried eating Akashi's 'Ippei-chan Night Shop's Uki Udon Mitarashi Dumpling Taste and Anko Dumpling Taste' featuring a light sweetness

In the series " Meisei Ippei-chan " known for instant fried soba, "Seiyu Udon Mitarashi dumpling taste of Meisei Ippei -chan night store" and "Akiyoshi Ichihei's night shop's baked udon sauce dumpling taste" from September 3, 2018 I joined. It is the season of the moon view, so it is about the taste of two kinds of dumplings, but I tried to eat and see what it would become like if I baked udonbon udon with sweet dumplings.

Meisei Ippei -chan baked Udon Mitarashi dumplings at night stores / Anko Dumpling Taste New release on September 3, 2018 (Monday)

On the left is "Ippei chan night shop's baked udon Mitarashi dumpling taste", right is "Package of Ippei chan night shop baked udon sauce dumpling" package. In both packages the rabbit which imaged the moon view was designed, the design was tailored to the color of the dumplings, Mitarashi dumpling taste is skin color, the dumpling taste is purple.

I will look at "Akebama Ippei-chan's evening shop baked udon Mitarashi dumpling".

Cooking time is 5 minutes, it is the same length as regular cup udon.

In the item of raw material sauce, "Mitarashi sauce" using syrup, sugar and soy sauce is contained, and interest is raised about what kind of taste it is just by looking at the raw material.

One meal 126 g and calories 518 kcal.

Peel off the package ......

Turn off the lid and take out a purple liquid sauce and a pouch of red meat sauce sauce.

Pour hot water and wait for 5 minutes. At this time, it is not necessary to warm the source sachet over the lid.

Discard the hot water after 5 minutes ... ...

Add a liquid sauce and a mashed sauce. It seems that Mitasura sauce needs to be well grounded before being applied.

Add Mimi Koga "Mitarashi sauce" and "Liquid sauce" and mix it, it is completed. After it was completed, the fragrance of soy sauce came.

When I ate it, I felt the fragrance of soy sauce and the unique flavor of Mitarashi dumplings, udon was fluffy and soft texture. When other editorial staff also got eaten, there were many opinions that "Soy sauce seems to be slightly strong", there were many comments that it is far from Mitarashi dumplings. Also, the question "Do you want to buy yourself and eat?" Was occupied with the opinion that "probably will not buy."

Next, I will look at "Meisei Ippei-chan's evening shop savory udon noodle dumpling".

Cooking time is 5 minutes, it is not different from Mitarashi dumpling taste.

In the source ingredient of the raw material, "sauce sauce" using sugar, squeezes, syrup, agar, salt is contained and imagines a considerably sweet taste.

One meal is 111 g and 487 kcal. Calorie was less than Mitarashi dumpling taste.

Peel off the package ......

Turn off the lid, take out purple sauce sauce from inside, light blue liquid sauce and sprinkle 3 sachets.

Just like "Mitarashi dumpling", after pouring boiling water in 5 minutes, add "Anjo sauce", "Liquid sauce" "sprinkle", and mix it, it is completed. After it is completed, the fragrance of sugar and sugar will drift strongly.

When I brought it to the mouth, I could feel a bit of the smell of soy sauce first, then the flavor of it, but it was not sweet and impossible to imagine from the strong smell I felt before. Also, as with "Mitarashi dumpling", noodles have a soft, fluffy texture with less Kosi. When other editorial staff also got eaten, there are many impressions that "Mitarashi dumpling taste is sweet and there is no feeling of azuki" many times, and the opinion that "It may not be bought again" is also concerned about pork dumpling taste It was.

"Ippei -chan baked noodle Mitarashi dumpling taste" and "Ippei -chan baked noodle shop dumpling taste" are sold at convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the country from 180 yen to 3 September 2018 (Monday) I will.

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