Google will eliminate fraudulent advertisements that appear when searching for technical support

By Marcos Castellano

If you do not know how to use your smartphone or PC, there are a lot of people searching for "Contact us (model name) Technical support" etc. and checking inquiries, but some of the advertisements displayed at that time include users' There are things of fraudulent things that can lead to profitable results. To solve such a problem, Google announced a policy to apply restrictions on advertisements provided by third-party technical support providers.

Restricting ads in third-party tech support services

Tech-Support Scams Prompt Google to Act - WSJ

If you do not know how to use it or if your machine is in bad condition and you are seeing fraudulent advertisements in the results you searched for help, this will lead to a doubt about how the advertising platform itself is quite doubtful . In order to solve such problems, we are working on a policy to eliminate those with such problems.

"Over the past few years, we've been doing various initiatives with law enforcement agencies and government agencies to cope with unauthorized use in this field" Google will only be suitable for advertisements displayed as a technical support genre in the future In order to be displayed, we announced that we will introduce a program to certify advertisers in advance for this genre. The criteria for certification are not disclosed at the time of article creation, but by taking measures to allow only service providers of technical support meeting certain requirements to display advertisements in this genre, users' disadvantages I am trying to reduce it.

Nonetheless, Google seems to recognize that not all of the problems will be solved with this effort alone. However, we assume that hurdles against such bad vendors will definitely rise, and we will clarify the policy to advance initiatives to further solve the problem in the future.

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