A warning is displayed on advertisements etc. that Google disguised as a download button of fake

When browsing, it says "Please update from the following buttons because the software you are using is an old version", and you see that the download button is installed under that message. If you actually click on the button, unnecessary software may be downloaded, or personal information may be stolen if it is terrible. For the download buttons and advertisements that intend to deceive these users, Google began to display warning messages to enhance security.

Google Online Security Blog: No More Deceptive Download Buttons

Google will acquire personal information by engaging in artificial mistakes "Social engineeringPolicies on enactment. In the content embedded like the advertisement on the web page, we have launched a policy to recognize something that satisfies one of the following two as social engineering.
· Embeddable content that fakes itself to your own device, browser, or site you are viewing
· Embedding content that prompts actions that are performed only for trustworthy services, such as sharing, entering passwords, contacting customer support, etc.

In the future, content that displays the message "Please click" Update "because the software owned by the user is an older version" will be regarded as social engineering.

Impersonation message that it is necessary to install software called "FLV HD" in order to watch movies.

The buttons listed as "Download" and "Play" look as if they are related to the website you are browsing.

In order to exclude embedded content that intends to deceive people as described above, Google will display a warning message like the image below when browsing the website,Display for Chrome · Firefox · Safari usersSo I decided to do it.

Even in the Japanese version, there are many embedded contents that are confusing like the images below, but warnings were not displayed at the time of article creation. However, it may be subject to Google's warning in the future.

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