A headache that occurs when you are not drinking coffee is probable of 'caffeine break'

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A person who often drinks coffee, green tea, black tea or the like may be attacked by a headache when drinking is not being drunk, the cause may be "caffeine out".

Health Check: why do I get a headache when I have not had my coffee?

Many people are drinking caffeinated drinks for sleepiness awakening or to work hard at work or school. Upon ingestion of caffeine, it is associated with adenosine receptors in the brain and spinal cord. When adenosine receptors are associated with adenosine, they induce drowsiness, but this bond is inhibited by caffeine, so it becomes less sensitive to drowsiness.

But the problem is addictive (addictive) of caffeine. Using drugs such as cannabis, narcotics, thinner, etc. will eventually become drug addiction, and it will be very difficult to quit even if you think to quit. Also, even if you want to quit, there are cases in which various withdrawal symptoms come out when the effect of the medicine runs out and it becomes painful, and you take out drugs again.

A headache that strikes a person drinking coffee is one of "withdrawal symptoms" from caffeine. In general, headaches that occur as withdrawal symptoms of caffeine cause pain that tightens the head, the pain is mild, the duration is not so long, but there is a possibility that systemic migraine may occur in some people It is said that there is.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur not only for those who are drinking coffee, but also for those who drink only one cup a day or those who refrain from taking caffeine. Even just drinking coffee for three days in a row will be addictive, sometimes it makes me sick not to just drink coffee the next day.

Symptoms can be cured within 30 minutes to an hour if you take a cup of coffee or tea, including caffeine, about a quarter of a cup. According to a study by the University of Sydney , even coffee of decafé (without caffeine) had no effect unless it was told to them that caffeine is not present.

In my previous studies, good aspects such as depression, a reduction in the risk of suicide and an improvement in exercise capacity have been found in coffee, but it is inevitable that coffee will go out with caffeine addiction.

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