I tried a pair of 'Akashi Ippei chan's night shop's fried noodle sushi jambalaya taste' to finish with 'special hot chilli paste' quickly

The American cooked rice " Jambalaya " which made chili paste spice effective is a spicy dish that adds sausages, spices and garlic flavors to appetite. Pilch and spicy cup-yakisoba who imaged such a taste " Akihisa Ippeichan's night shop's fried noodle sushi jambalaya taste " appears on August 27, 2018 (Monday, 2018). I tried to eat it because I was able to experience "sweaty stimulation" by adding acidity to hot spicy chili in "Special hot chilli paste" as an attachment, ahead of launch.

Kajang spice has worked out Jambaraya with special chili paste with special paste for summer Okayama Ippeichan soba for summer "Ikuhei Akiya chan night shop" Yakisoba Oishi Jambalaya taste "New release on August 27, 2018 (Monday), 2018

"Meisei Ippei-chan's night shop's Yakisoba Dai Senma Jambalaya taste" (205 yen tax) is a cup-yaki soba which the east of North America imagined Roots' Cajun cooking Jambalaya. I will eat it by applying "hot chilli paste" to the finish.

The content is 163 g, and there are hot chilli paste (condiments, saccharides, salt, lard), tomato ketchup, tomato paste, roast onion paste, beef extract and the like in the source material of the raw material. In the quick item, you can imagine a seasoned flavor containing spices and curry powder and spices.

The calorie consumption per meal is 684 kcal.

When package is removed, it is like this.

At first the noodles and the cups were in the cup together. Noodle is thicker than general cup-yaki soba.

In addition to the cup, "Liquid Sauce" "Sprinkle" and "Hot Chili Paste" are included separately from the left from the left.

How to make pour hot water to the line inside the cup.

Return the lid and wait 5 minutes. There is no description that warms a seasoning attached separately such as liquid sauce on the lid.

Discard the hot water after 5 minutes.

Add "Liquid Sauce", "Sprinkle" and "Hot Chili Paste" and mix them together. From the finished cup-yakisoba, there is a scent that imagines the pungent and sour taste of tomato sauce, spice cumin and pepper, and hot chili paste. Because the fragrance of sausage is added to the oil, it is finished in a scent with a sense of jambalaya. There is also the scent of garlic, which makes you appetite.

When you eat the thick noodles with sauce and sprinkle tangled, you will feel the sweetness first after the smell of cumin contained also in the curry powder passes through the nose. However, next time pungent appeared, it will swell with jiwiwa. After that the pungent swells and swells to the extent that you want a drink. The sauce has a slightly sour taste and supports the pungent and sweetness of spice. It does not go as far as "sweaty stimulation" due to the pungent spice, but the body becomes somewhat hot. There is a thick chippery noodles with rice cake and mushroom, and there is plenty and quantity, so there was also an eating response.

"Meisei Ippei-chan's night shop's Yakisoba Dai Senma Jambalaya Taste" is sold for 205 yen, sold at convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the country from Monday, August 27, 2018.

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