Trunks men have more sperm than briefs

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Studies showed that those wearing loose underwear like trunks had more sperm than those wearing perfect underwear like briefs and jockey shorts.

Type of underwear worn and markers of testicular function among men attending a fertility center | Human Reproduction | Oxford Academic

Are Tighty-Whities Bad for a Man's Sperm Count?

This study is one of the largest investigations of the relationship between the type of men's underwear and the number of sperms, between 2000 and 2017, mainly for men in their thirties who visited the Massachusetts General Hospital for infertility treatment 656 I am a person as a subject.

Subjects submitted sperm and blood samples and answered the questionnaire about the type of underwear they normally use. As a result, the trunks were the most worn.

And as a result of counting the number of sperm of the subjects, those who are wearing a trunk and those wearing a perfect underwear such as a brief or a jockey shorts all had standard levels of spermatozoa, It is said that the concentration of sperm produced by one ejaculation was 25% higher and the number of moving sperm was 33% more. This trend did not change even taking into consideration elements such as obesity, momentum, hot bathing frequency, and smoking which the number of sperm is said to be affected.

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Researchers have also discovered that subjects wearing perfect underwear have a high level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) associated with spermatogenesis. This is interpreted as a person wearing a perfect underwear is sent a signal to raise the FSH to the brain because the number of sperm decreases.

Research carried out so far has shown that high temperature of the testicles has a negative effect on the production of sperm and it is possible that the temperature of the testicles is raised by wearing a perfect underwear It is considered to be sexual.

However, in this research, it is not investigated whether "the number of sperm is affected by changing the type of undergarment" or "the person wearing perfect underwear has few opportunities to have children" has not been investigated. Also note that the number of sperm counts is not related to the strength of reproductive power. Experts point out that the number of sperm will change and that because of the small number of sperm now it should not be interpreted as "impossible to make children instantly".

Researchers advise people who are looking for ways to make children how to change the type of underwear, but on the other hand, as evidenced by this research alone, there are many other scientific evidence There are some ways to deal with it. "

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Dr. Michael Eisenberg of Stanford University School of Medicine does not advise the patient to wear a specific undergarment, "I always explain to patients that" Please select the underwear that feels the most comfortable " If the patient feels "tightening is strong" or "hot," other kinds of underwear will make sense. " In 2016, Dr. Eisenberg issued a research result that "the time it takes for a couple to become pregnant, no matter what kind of undergarments a man is wearing" has been published as a basis for changing underwear alone I see it is inadequate.

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