Why will not develop effective male contraceptive methods such as male pills?

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To prevent unwanted pregnancyOral contraceptive(Pills) are used, but the pills are usually drugs to be taken by women and the pills for men have hardly been developed. Speaking of contraceptive techniques for men, condoms are the leading role, but it has been found that condom's contraceptive effect is not so high, and it is hoped that new effective contraceptive techniques will emerge. Nonetheless, an active doctor considers why contraceptives for men are not developed.

Why is there still still no male contraceptive pill? - Jalees Rehman - Aeon

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Jellys Lehmann, an active doctor who is an associate professor at the University of Illinois, tested a female patient who complained of heart failure despite the fact that there was no smoking habit and there was no particular problem in blood pressure / cholesterol level, the coronary artery I found that it was a dangerous condition that could lead to convulsions and heart attacks. Dr. Lehman contemplating why a young and healthy woman is at risk for a heart attack recalls that a large number of reports that "a certain pill creates a thrombus" are recog- nized and asked a female patient I heard that they found that they were using the pill.

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From this experience of diagnosis, I felt a simple question of "why is the pill limited to women and nothing for men?" "Why should women bear the side effects associated with contraception?" Dr. Lehmann examined the reason why the development of the male pill does not progress easily.

Pill for women began to spread to practical level in the 1960's, after that various kinds of pills such as tablets, injections, patch types etc. were developed. On the other hand, condom has already spread since the early 18th century than female pills, and the development of male pills has not proceeded from the circumstance that the necessity is low compared with female pills. Although condoms are very effective in prevention of infectious diseases, the reliability for contraception is not so high, and up to 18% of couples who use condoms for contraception purposes are unintentionally pregnant It is said that there is.

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It is a pill for men who was delayed in development due to the presence of condoms, but in recent years, it is known as a male hormonetestosteroneWe are taking clinical trials to administer tablets, patches, injections and so on. Since testosterone is a male hormone contained in the scrotum (testicle), administration appears to be counterproductive for contraception, but if the testosterone level becomes too high, the brain activates testosteroneFollicle stimulating hormone (FSH)WhenLuteinizing hormone, The testosterone level in the testicle is ultimately kept below the fertile threshold and a mechanism of contraception occurs. The testosterone level that can not be fertilized does not cause insufficiency of sexual desire or male function.

Clinical trials of this testosterone-supplied male pill were tested with more than 200 couples as subjects from 2008 to 2010 under the lead of the World Health Organization (WHO), but depression and It was confirmed that the ups and downs of the mood became intense, libido increased, and the examination was canceled in April 2011. The details of the research results will be announced in the near future.


Besides having side effects, the fact that it is a major barrier to the clinical trial of testosterone-supplied male pills,Placebo effectIt is not possible to do a control experiment with mind in mind. Even if you participate in a clinical trial of contraception usually agree that there is a possibility that the implantation probability will be lowered by the examination, since a placebo which did not show contraceptive effect at all was administered, if pregnancy proved effective, contraceptive effectiveness Although it believed in sex, it could be said that it was betrayed, and from a humanitarian point of view, control experiments assuming placebo effect are difficult.

The development of such a testosterone supply type male pill has obstacles, so huge expectations are being made on behalf of hormonal contraceptive drugs is the development of sperm supply developed by Dr. Sujoi Gha of India Method of trying to produce a contraceptive effect by a method of discontinuing "RISUG"is.

As measures against contraception for men other than condoms,Bilateral vas deferens ligation resection(So-called "pipe cut"), but it was not so popular because of the necessity of surgery and the danger that the fertilizing ability can not be restored after surgery.

In contrast, RISUGVas deferensBy the charged polymer injected into the sperm, we lose the motor function of the axon of the sperm and deprive fertilization ability to produce a contraceptive effect, and the operation itself to inject the polymer is necessary as well as the pipe cut, by dissolving the polymer It is said that you can eliminate contraceptive effect when you want to stop. In addition, the charged polymer used in RISUG is harmless to the human body, it continues to maintain its effect by staying in the vas deferens for more than 10 years by one operation, the charged polymer itself can also be manufactured very inexpensively, already clinical trials Has entered Phase III and practical use is considered to be imminent.

Although RISUG is very promising because it can eliminate contraceptive effect at any time without side effects, it is extremely cheap, but it is unclear whether or not it will become popular, Dr. Lehman says. The reason is that RISUG can achieve a very high effect at a very low running cost, so a pharmaceutical company that does not anticipate big benefits will not become active in development. Doctor Lerman believes that non-profit organizations such as NGOs who are not aiming for profit will need to lead development in order for RISUG to become popular.

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