Why are there few "contraceptive methods that can be pregnant again" for men?

Oral contraceptive(Pill) andIntrauterine contraceptive device,pessary,SpermicideThere are many women's "contraceptive methods that can be pregnant even after use", but for men it is necessary to wear a condom from the long ago, or it is not suitable as contraceptive method out of the vaginal ejaculation , And there is no choice. "Why are there fewer methods of contraception that will allow pregnancy for men again?"PriceonomicsIt is unraveling.

The Economics of Male Birth Control

"Condoms and extravaginal ejaculation are the few contraceptive methods that can be pregnant again for men, and for men there will only be two of these contraceptive methods in the future, not from the scientific side but from the economy It is coming from a sideArticles published in WIRED in 2013In the 1950s he synthesized and synthesized norethisterone, Karl Jelassi known as "the parent of the pill".

Mr. Carl Jelassi, the creator of the pill.

ByFranz Johann Morgenbesser

Mr. Jerassi argues that "scientifically, we understand how to make a male pill", it is relatively easy to create a "contraceptive method that can be pregnant again" for men I am doing it. However, Mr. Jerassi says, "Even if you try to create a pill for men, economic problems in medicine development will hinder development."

Indeed, in the 1930's Swiss Martin Bogheri discovered contraceptive methods for men, but this method was not perceived at all. Dr. Bogheri repeated experiments in India from 1930 to 1950 and has been investigating the fertilization rate of several pairs of couples over 20 years. In this survey, we will discover that the couple did not get pregnant for six months by putting the testicles in hot water of 46.7 degrees once every three weeks for 45 minutes. Even after discontinuing this method, the couple seemed to have become pregnant normally without any complications. However, because this experiment did not meet the accepted standards for clinical trials, it was not developed or used afterwards, although it was demonstrated by hundreds of volunteer couples.


It is also affecting that "contraception" became recognized as one of scientific fields of research itself, being a recent incident. Demand for contraceptive devices to lower the possibility of pregnancy existed before then, but these ideas have been considered for years as "immoral" and "slut". Therefore, research on contraception was taboo. That's why when the world's first pill appeared, it also served as a major controversy.

Initially the pill was approved by the FDA in 1957 and was recognized as a medicine for menstrual irregularity. At this time, it seems that the label of the pill was written as "side effect of" preventing ovulation ", and it will become known to the world as temporarily preventing pregnancy by preventing ovulation. In the United States, it seems that women who complained of over 500,000 menstrual irregularities by 1959 were taking medicine to prepare menstrual irregularity.

However, since that time men are considered not to be interested in contraceptives like pills, and the advent of the pill also influenced "contraception is regarded as a problem of women" There was absolutely no demand for birth control pills etc.


Nevertheless, there are not promising as contraceptive methods for men as in the method of doctor Bogheri in past research. However, these were never developed as general-purpose products. This is because legal, social, and biological factors are complicatedly entangled, and it is sometimes impossible to obtain sufficient research expenses.

As it shows, it seems that in recent years studies on contraceptive methods for men are often stopped on the supply side. It seems that there is almost no "commercial taste" in the development of contraceptive methods for men. This is a problem that the market is not so big and requires a long period for clinical experiments.

Although the market size of the contraceptive method for men is considered to be about 4 billion dollars (about 480 billion yen), there are multiple competing products such as condoms and pills in the market in the first place. In addition, the development period seems to take 5 years at least, the development cost is as short as 20 million to 50 million dollars (about 2.4 billion yen to 6 billion yen) easy to fly, and the marketing expense is 30 to 40 million dollars ( About 3.6 billion - 4.8 billion yen) will be necessary. In other words, there seems to be no merit of entering new.

In addition, when existing pharmaceutical manufacturers develop new contraceptive methods, there is also a problem that they often hesitate investment because the responsibility for other research fields becomes large.

ByArmy Medicine

A contraceptive condom that will be most widely used. The following pictures were made in 1813, and the upper left paper seems to be used manual.

Mr. Jelassi known as "Pill's birth parent" passed away in January 2015, but Elain Rizzner, one of his students, is still trying to get rid of the economic barriers to the development of contraceptive methods for men We are doing activities. Mr. Rizner is a foundation supporting pharmaceutical researchParsemus FoundationHe is a director who is currently developing a contraceptive method for men who will become pregnant again, non-hormonal, called "Vasalgel". The mechanism of "Vasalgel" is very simple, injecting the gel and passing the sperm "Vas deferensIt prevents sperm from going to the urethra. This can be easily melted by injecting solvent.

It is thought that other contraceptive devices for men will take about 5 to 10 years to complete, but this "five to ten years" is "I do not plan to develop in the same way as eternity," Lisner He says. In addition, Mr. Rizner seems to want to start marketing "Vasalgel" for the general public within the next 3 years.

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