Companies funded by Bill · Gates Foundation develop contraceptive chips that can be used for 16 years by remote control

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Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationIs the world's largest charity fund organization and has beenNext-generation condom and installation aid toolWe have been financially supporting the development of. One of the companies funded by the Gates Foundation "MicroCHIPS"Succeeded in developing contraceptive chips that users can use for up to 16 years by remote control.

Remote-Controlled Contraceptive | MIT Technology Review

MicroCHIPS, a biotechnology company located in the state of Massachusetts in the United States, succeeded in development by embedding it under the skin of the buttocks (armpit), upper arm, abdomen of the user with a miniature device of size 20 × 20 × 7 mm Use it. A small 1.5 cm wide container is embedded in the device and it is also used for emergency contraceptives in its containerLevonorgestrelIt is injected with a progestagen hormone agent. Titanium and platinum of high tightness are used in the lid part, current flows in the lid part from the battery mounted in the device, the lid temporarily melts and the levonorgestrel in the container gradually decreases little by little It is absorbed in the body.

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When the user wishes to become pregnant, simply turn off the power of the device remotely and can be used again when turning on the power. The device is available for 16 years and there are no contraceptives and devices that can be used for more than 5 years regardless of where in the world it is looking.

The idea of ​​contraceptive device developed by MicroCHIPS was inspired by Microsoft's Bill Gates. Gates is at MITRobert LangerWhen I visited Mr.'s laboratory, I heard from Mr. Langer that Mr. Gates said, "Is it possible to operate a switch with a remote control by a user and can use a contraceptive device that can be used for a long time?" It is the beginning. Mr. Langer told Mr. Gates' thinking that it might be feasible using the technology of microchip developed earlier, and development began jointly with MicroCHIPS.

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Contraceptive methods of implanting the device subcutaneously are not familiar to me in Japan, but overseas, "contraceptive implants" that embed elongated plastic containers containing hormonal agents, such as inside the arms, are widely used, It seems that there is no resistance to implantation under the skin.

In addition, the preliminary clinical examination will be conducted in 2015 for the contraceptive device this time, MicroCHIPS aims at introduction to the market until 2018.

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