'Naka ​​Ru 4 types cheese parent and child bowl' which added cheese for the first time to the signboard menu is a rich finish that draws threads

Naka-no's "Oyako-don" has been continuously improving for 24 years from the appearance in 1994 until 2018, making the egg 1.5-fold , increasing the chicken by 25% etc. It is a universal main menu. Such a " four kinds of cheese parent and child rice bowl " that cheese was added for the first time to the sticky parent and child bowl has appeared for a limited time from August 2, 2018 (Thursday). I used Gouda and Red Cheddar and exquisitely intertwined melted cheese and eggs of Trotto and tried to eat it because it was a new aspect of Oyakodon.

Four kinds of cheese parent and child rice bowl | Naka's products | Rice bowl and Kyoto style Udon no Uta

Today from 11 o'clock to 24 th year parent and child rice revolution! ! 【4 kinds of cheese 's parent and child bowls】 Start selling | Notice | Rice bowl and Kyoto style Udon no Uta

Arrived in Naka.

There were no posters to announce "4 kinds of cheese parent and child bowls" in front of the shop, but found a display inside the shop. This time I will order "Nimori".

"Four kinds of cheese parent and child bowls" arrived in about 3 minutes after handing the food ticket to the clerk. Since the price is 590 yen including tax, it is calculated that it is 100 yen higher than normal parent and child rice bowl. "Pepper garlic" is set in a separate attachment.

In Oyakodon, cheese Gouda and red cheddar, Mozzarella, and Parmesan are sprinkled. It seems that the green parsley is scattered not in the middle in the ordinary Oyako rice bowl but the three leaves. The strength of the fragrance of cheese is about to smell when approaching. This Oyako-don has been thought of balance so that it becomes the taste of Japanese favorite cheese using 4 types of cheese, and was studied so as not to destroy the taste of specially made split despite its rich taste It is said that.

Of course, like a normal parent and child rice bowl, chicken and egg of Trotoro covers rice. Appetite is intrigued by the scent of cheese and fragrance.

When scooping with a spoon, the cheese draws the thread because it melts with the warmth of the egg.

When I tried it, the sourness and fat of the cheese became accented with sweet and salty split in the egg of the Trotoro. It is finished with a cheese flavor.

Although cheese is added to Naka 's Troto Parent - Chicken Bowl, it is finished so that the flavor of the dish will not be damaged. Because the texture of egg and melted cheese is close, rice goes through Tsurito throat.

Since I had tasted the combination of cheese and Oyako rice bowl, I will sprinkle pepper garlic on the next seasoning. When you use it, you can enjoy the change of taste.

If you try lightly on the surface and the whole surface, there will be an exciting fragrance of black pepper. The fragrance of garlic is not felt so much, but the scent of black pepper and cheese combined, the fragrance of four kinds of cheese parent and child rice bowl changed to scent of western style using cheese and egg at a stretch.

When eating, the flavor of black pepper and cheese goes through the umami of the dish, and it looks like a cheese omelette of a trout. "Four kinds of cheese parent and child bowl" adds cheese, so you can enjoy an exciting taste of Oyako-don with the seasoning on the separate season with a bite of parent and child rice bowl, so add 100 yen and rice bowl with different taste It is ants to try it.

"Parent-child don bowl of four kinds of cheese" is a limited-time menu until late September 2018, and it is possible to take home as well as inside the store.

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