What is the back side of transport supporting F1?

Starting with the Australian Grand Prix where the final on March 25 was held in 2018 F1 World Championships, we will fight 21 countries around the world until Abu Dhabi GP held on November 25. To realize this race schedule, each team has set up a thorough transportation plan.

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F1 is a sport, it is a festival and it is also a huge business.

It is said that Scuderia Ferrari, one of the teams entering F1, is worth 1.3 billion dollars (about 140 billion yen). This is equivalent to Discord of chat application, Bird of electric scooter sharing service, Food delivery service · DoorDash in IT company.

In 2018 it is supposed to race 21.

In order to realize this schedule, trucks, ships and airplanes are fully utilized for transportation.

F1 is said to be "European sports", but in fact, among the 10 teams participating, the eight teams except American hearth and Indian Force India are both European nationals.

In terms of nationality, India's Force India has its base in the UK and the United States Haas is based in North Carolina but the second base is located in the UK.

On the circuit there will be a team base called "motor home". It is a building that we make every race, but ... ....

Some teams have offices, bars and restaurants with kitchens.

Basically, the race schedule is organized so that the race will be held every other weekend ... ...

From June to July in 2018 it was a situation where the race was held for three consecutive weeks with French GP, Austria GP, British GP.

The French Grand Prix was first held at the Paul Ricard circuit in the village of Le Castel in the South of France, followed by the Red Bull link at the Spielberg, the Austrian Grand Prix, the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit .

The distance traveled from Spielberg to Silverstone is 1000 miles (about 1600 km).

It seems that each team and the transportation truck were overcome by three drivers in charge.

However, there are also cases where the distance is further away. For example, the distance traveled between Bahrain GP (Sahil) and China GP (Shanghai) is over 4000 miles (about 6400 km).

As a result of this, each team created a transportation plan as of January 2018. She said that she made 5 sets of transportation sets that summarized the package "desk, chair, kitchen utensils and garage related items" which is bulky because it is expensive for air transport "into about 40 feet container for maritime transport. Sea transportation has difficulty in speed, but by preparing 5 sets, one set has planned that it arrived at the necessary place then.

That transportation plan is. The five transportation sets were first transported to Australia / Melbourne, Bahrain / Sahil, China / Shanghai, Azerbaijan / Baku, Canada / Montreal.

When the Australian Grand Prix ends, set A to Singapore, set B to Russia when Bahrain Grand is over, set C to Japan when the Chinese Grand Prix ends, set D to the USA when the Azerbaijan Grand Prix is ​​over, set D to the USA, when the Canadian Grand Prix ends E will be brought to Mexico.

The holidays of the transportation team are from Thursday, when the race ended, at the circuit.

Taking Bahrain GP as an example, packing of packages begins before the race is held on Sunday. This is because there is no need to keep the engine in the garage because the engine will not be replaced when the race starts. Likewise, we will pack unnecessary spare parts etc.

If nothing happens in the race, packing of other luggage will also start after 15 minutes from the goal.

I can understand that the motor home that looked like a huge building actually was made by combining containers.

Priority pallet "which preferentially transports each team, designation of this pallet is carried out to the airport immediately after packing is finished first and it is loaded on the flight to Shanghai.

Packing will be delayed somewhat because the inspection will be done after the race after the race, but still all the luggage will be packed 6 to 8 hours after the checkered flag has been shaken and will leave Bahrain on Monday morning I will. Also, not just packages, people also depart on Monday. The staff moves normally with aircraft, but the driver may travel with a private jet.

Luggage arrived in China.

I will be brought to the circuit immediately.

For the sake of impartiality and safety on the ground, the transport team can not touch the baggage until all team's priority pallets arrive. As Tuesday morning, packages are surely packed, baggage covering the circuit course will be released, garage facilities and electric / communication relations will be set up.

Other luggage arrived on Tuesday evening, and Wednesday restarted the assembly work from 6 am. A series of assembly work will be over before noon.

What is covered in detail here is the movement from Bahrain to Shanghai, but every year, every race, F1 is continuing as this work is carried out without delay.

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