Finally the latest Pokemon series appeared in Nintendo Switch, "Pocket Monsters Let's Go! Pikachu · Let's Go! Evey" official movie looks like this

At E3 2017 held in 2017, "Nintendo Switch's Pokemon New Work"It was revealed that it is under development, but its title was"Pocket Monsters Let's Go! Pikachu"and"Pocket Monsters Let's Go! EveIt was announced that it was. The first official movie is also released, and it is clear what kind of game it will be.

【Official】 "Pocket Monsters Let's Go! Pikachu · Let's Go! Evey" PV - YouTube

The player was playing with Pokemon GO ... ...

I started riding a bicycle.

There is Pikachu in front of you.

What brought me to Pikachu ... ...

It was in front of TV.

Pikachu dives into TV ... ...

"Pocket Monster Let's Go! Pikachu" that appears as a game for Nintendo Switch starts.

The hero goes on an adventure with Pikachu on his shoulder.

"Pokemon Let's Go! Evey" will be adventurous with Eve.

Forest and ...

A port town etc. was projected.

And there is something I saw somewhere ...

It was Dr. Orchid.

When playing ......

Joy-Con OK with one.

Easy operation with one hand.

If you meet the wild Pokemon ... ...

"Get" "Item" "Help" "Run away" items are displayed.

Sprinkle it ... ...

Throwing a ball ... ....

I got it. A circle is displayed around Pokemon, and it seems to get in a style similar to Pokemon GO. Where I am concerned that there was no item on the battle with the wild Pokemon.



A variety of original Pokemon appeared in Pokemon red and green, such as a starring man, appears.

In addition, cooperative play with 2 people is also possible.

When 2P shakes Joy-Con ... ...

A character appeared in the game.

You can adventure as it is by two people.

The wild Pokemon is displayed on the field as follows, and when the player touches ... ...

You will be able to get.

If you throw a monster ball at the same time in two players ... ...

I got Pippi in a moment.

Of course there are also battle elements.

A battle with the familiar "Mutishitoshonen".

When two players seem to be able to use each other Pokemon. Battle is a format that selects commands as before.

The stone of Fushigidane explodes.

In addition, a monster ball appears as a dedicated controller.

The center of the ball, the part where the thumb is many are sticks ... ...

Character movement and ... ...

Up to the operation of throwing the ball, it is possible with one monster ball.

It seems that the periphery of the stick shines shiny.

In addition, if you put the caught Pokemon in the monster ball ... ...

You can also carry around in the real world.

You can hear the bark of Pokemon from inside as soon as you roll.

In addition, there is cooperation with Pokemon GO.

Pokemon If you catch Pokemon with GO, prepare Nintendo Switch.

With one button ......

You can send Pokemon to the Nintendo Switch.

On the contrary, it is also possible to give presents from Nintendo Switch to Pokemon GO.

It is about meeting a special Pokemon, but what is going to pop out is unknown.



Lizardard and other adventurers freely admiring the land, sea and sky on a large Pokemon ......

Enjoy Nidokkingu & Nidukuin and enjoy the battle ......

You can roll your favorite Pokemon freely by rolling marmaine and pulling up Geninger. Aside from this, Pikachu is clinging to the shoulder, so the buddies will always act with the players.

Pikachu is stroking ......

You can also put on your favorite clothes.

A familiar rocket group will also appear.

Speed ​​star

Hyper Beam

Hydro pump



It is a Pokemon series of the Nintendo Switch version, and so on, it has evolved into a fancy flashlight of Pokemon.

And what appeared in front of the player ... ...

It is Mewtwo.

By saying "Your first adventure with a new style", it seems that "Pocket Monsters Let's Go! Pikachu · Let's Go! Evey" remodeled Pokemon Red and Green for Nintendo Switch.

"Pocket Monsters Let's Go! Pikachu" and "Pocket Monsters Let's Go! Eve" are scheduled to be released on Friday, November 16, 2018, and the manufacturer's suggested retail price is 5980 yen by tax.

The monster ball type exclusive controller "Monster Ball PLUS" is scheduled to be released on Friday, November 16, 2018, and the manufacturer's suggested retail price is 4980 yen by tax.

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