The release date of the Nintendo Switch 'Pokemon Swords & Shield' is determined on November 15, 2019, and the legendary Pokemon, The Xian and The Magenta also appear

From 22:00 on June 5, 2019 (Wednesday), ' Pokémon Direct 2019.6.5 ' was broadcast, as the latest information on the title '

Pokemon Sword Shield ' for Nintendo Switch will be clear. It has already been revealed that “Gallal Region” will be the place of new adventures, and the three partner Pokemons that the hero will choose first are “Sarnoli”, “Hivly” and “Messon”. However, new information such as 'Dymax' where Pokémon fights to become huge and 'Max Raid Battle' which fights against wild Daimax Pokémon together with multiple people has become clear.

Pokémon Direct 2019.6.5 | Nintendo

Pokémon Direct 2019.6.5-YouTube

The first to appear was Tsunekazu Ishihara, President of Pokemon Co., Ltd.

And the latest picture flows.

Battle with rivals

Three of the three families of the Garal region: Sarnoly hibony Messon

Pokemon PhD-like researcher likely to assist the journey of the hero.

Many new Pokemon also appeared

You can explore unique lands and adventures.

Of course there is also a trainer battle.

Since Pokemon is walking on the field, it will appear when it is touched.

Various vehicles appear.

Familiar fishing and ......

There is also a problem.

Under a pillar of red light ...

A huge battle with Pokemon starts.

It seems that four people will attack one huge Pokemon.

During the battle, something shines with the arms of the trainer, and Pokemon (& Monster Ball) becomes huge.

You can enjoy the huge powerful battle between the huge Pokemon.

Jim Battle takes place in a huge stadium-like place ...

Many spectators are waiting.

Trainer entrance

In the gym battle, the huge Pokemon rages.

And also the mysterious person.

The video is over and infiltrates the company of game freaks.

Junichi Masuda, a producer of the Pokemon Sword Shield, and director Omori Akira appear. Two people will talk about the Pokemon Sword Shield from here.

The stage of the adventure is Galar

Three of the Sarnori, Hivary and Messon will be the trainer's partner Pokemon.

In the Garal region there is also a city where people and Pokemon live.

Subomy working as a receptionist

Pokémon battle is considered to be the best entertainment in the Galar region, and the gym battle is so popular that it will also be televised.

Art director James Turner will introduce you to the new Pokemon with the Pokemon Sword Shield.

Sheep Pokemon Wool

Hanenzaka Pokémon's Himenka

Peelmon's clawed turtle

Armor of the crow Pokemon

I am working as a flying taxi.

Furthermore, I am cotton moth which is an evolutionary form of Himenka.

The fluff has seeds and is said to have a nourishing effect.

It is 'wild area' that can meet many Pokemon

Here you can see different Pokemons depending on the location and the weather.

The camera can be turned to search for various Pokemon and tools.

And the Pokemon giant phenomenon 'Daimax', which occurs only in a specific area of the Garal Region

Brand director, Kazumasa Iwao, will explain the dimax.

Pokemon Swords and shields allow all Pokemons to be dymaxed. 'Daimax' is displayed on the game screen, and if it is selected, any Pokemon can be made huge.

Not only does the body grow in size when it comes to dimaxing, but some abilities go up, and all the things it remembers become dimaxing.

Dimax can be used only once per battle, but will end in 3 turns.

And it is what can challenge a battle with wild Daimax Pokemon with up to 4 people ...

'Max raid battle'. It is the first Pokemon series raid battle.

Wild Daimax Pokémon remains as a Daimax. Only one ally can use Daimax .......

If the wild dimax Pokemon is defeated, the Get Challenge will come.

You can play while watching the face of a friend by local communication, or connect to the Internet to challenge the Max Raid Battle with trainers all over the world.

In addition, introduce some characters that appear in the new work. Garal Region's strongest Pokemon trainer Dande.

In the official battle undefeated champion ...

Pokemon trainers' aspirations.

Hop is Dande's younger brother and rival to the main character.

You will be on an adventure on the same day as the protagonist.

With Dr. Magnolia Dr. Pokemon who is also a Dimax researcher ...

Sonia's assistant and granddaughter.

The main character will aim at the champion and challenge Pokemon gym.

I stand in front of the main character with a powerful Pokemon in such a gym ...

Jim leader Yarrow.

The smile and smile of Mukimki macho are attractive.

Furthermore, a special video that is different from the in-game video is played.

It is the legendary Pokemon Zachyan that has a sword in his mouth.

The legendary mane like a shield is characterized by the legendary Pokemon The Magenta.

The release date of the Pokemon Sword Shield is November 15, 2019, and is released simultaneously worldwide. It is reservation acceptance start from July 12th.

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