'Pokemon Scarlet Violet' will be released worldwide in the winter of 2022, and the appearance of Nyaoha Hogeta Kwass who will be a partner Pokemon

Pokemon celebrated its 26th anniversary on February 27, 2022, after the first Pokemon series '

Pokemon Red and Green ' was released on February 27, 1996. In ' Pokémon Presents 2.27 ' broadcast on this memorable day, ' Pokemon Scarlet Violet ', the completely latest work of the Pokemon series, was announced.

'Pokémon Day' Official Website | Pokémon Presents 2.27

Mysterious live-action movie starts

The destination for the guards is Game Freak, the developer of the Pokemon series.

At the end of the door ...

There was a small room.

And a security guard man wrapped in light.

When the scene changed, there was a landscape that I had never seen before.

Familiar Pokemon such as Kodak, Drifloon, Combee, Meowth, Pelipper, Swablu, Pikachu, Blissey, Yogiras, Coil, Lucario, etc. have appeared.

A mysterious building with a monster ball

Besides, the fountain of Dratini ...

Even a house that looks like the hero's parents' house.

Is it the main character of men and women?

The Nintendo Switch is reflected in the screen.

The movie ends after all the steps.

Furthermore, even the appearance that seems to be a partner Pokemon that the hero can get first in the new work.

On the Pokemon Information Bureau of the Twitter account, the name of the partner Pokemon is Nyaoh


It is also revealed that it is a quass.

'Pokemon Scarlet Violet'

Scheduled to be released worldwide in the winter of 2022

Released as a title for Nintendo Switch.

In addition, the latest information on Pokemon related games was also announced. In ' Pokemon GO ', Pokemon from the Alola region, which is the stage of 'Pokemon Sword Shield', will finally appear from March 1, 2022.

In the smartphone game '

Pokemon Masters EX ', a new content 'Champion Road' has appeared to commemorate the 2.5th anniversary. With content featuring the powerful buddies of all time, you can strengthen your team at once. You can get 5000 diamonds by clearing.

A new play 'Delivery' has appeared in the puzzle game '

Welcome! Pokemon Cafe -Maze Maze Puzzle- ' that can be played on smartphones and Nintendo Switch.

In addition, Victini is newly introduced.

A new mode 'Full Throttle Battle' will be added to '

Pokemon Unite ' for a limited time.

In addition, at Pokemon Unite, the legendary Pokemon 'Hoopa' will appear as a memorial to Pokemon Day.

In addition, 'Geraldon' was announced as a Pokemon that will appear in the future.

New information about '

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl '.

You can now receive 'Orchid's Tegami' where you can meet the phantom Pokemon Shaymin.

In addition, a free update 'Dawn of Jade' of '

Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus ' has appeared. Delivery is from the end of the broadcast.

To commemorate Pokemon Day, you will receive a set of hyperballs, gigaton balls, and jet balls.

In addition to this, the distribution of the original web animation has also been decided. Scheduled to be delivered in early summer 2022.

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