Pokemon New Work "Pocket Monster Ultra Sun Ultra Moon" & Nintendo Switch Game "Poken Fist POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX" Announced

Nintendo is broadcasting the Internet "Pokémon Direct"On June 6, 2017, and among them Nintendo Switch will be a game"POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX"When,Pokemon Sun MoonIt becomes a minor change version of "Pocket Monster Ultra Sun Ultra Moon"Was announced.

Pokémon Direct 2017.6.6 | Nintendo

The distribution starts from 23 o'clock on June 6, 2017.

Ishihara Tsuneaka of Pokemon Inc. appeared.

Nintendo Switch released by Nintendo in March, 2017

A new Pokemon game "Pochoken POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX" will be added to this game machine.

That's why the movie started.

A man walking in the city. He said he is traveling a foreign country to meet his brothers.

I will take a breath at the cafeteria in the city.

In that timing I took out of my bag ... ...

Nintendo Switch

This will play "Poppen POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX".

After that, I was shaken by a full bus ... ...

The bus broke down on the way and it got stuck.

When you try to kill time with such a game then ...

Local children are curious and looking at the Nintendo Switch.

At times like this, share the Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch ... ...

Two people play is also possible in table mode.

If you continue traveling by ship ... ...

I encountered the same "POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX" player.

A fun battle will be held here as well.

Developed to a battle with other Pokemon fans who also met at the inn.

"POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX" seems to have a battle to choose three Pokemon each.

It might be interesting to play Wai Wai "POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX" in tournament format with everyone.

A youth who finally reached the brothers with such a thing like this.

Give something to your nephew ... ...


"If there are eyes and eyes, it's a Pokemon battle!"

"POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX" is scheduled to be released September 22, 2017, the selling price is 5980 yen by tax.

What girls gave to their nephew ...

Mokuro · Nyabi · Asimari who appeared in Pokemon Sun Moon and ....

A game in which Pikachu was projected.

The atmosphere is different somewhere between Sorgao and Lunaara which are legendary Pokemon of Saint Moon.

So, what the children were playing was "Pocket Monster Ultra Sun Ultra Moon" which becomes a minor change version of Sun Moon. It is scheduled to be released on November 17, 2017.

Nintendo Switch "Mobile Mode"

"TV mode"

"Table mode" can play games in three forms, "Poken POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX" can also play in these three modes

In the Wii U version of "Poppen POKKÉN TOURNAMENT" there were 16 Pokemon playable, but in the Nintendo Switch version new Pokemon will be available.

What is newly added is "Dark Rye"




In addition, "Sunny Moon" newly appearing "Juniper" can also be used.

There are multiple ways to play, such as "Rank Match" of online battle, "Friendly Match" that you can feel free from friends without rank variation, "Group Match" you can battle in favorite groups.

"POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX" is released on September 22, 2017, suggested retail price is 5980 yen by tax. Reservation starts from June 7th.

Furthermore, live streaming of "Poppen POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX" is also scheduled to be delivered from the venue of the world's largest game trade fair E3.

About "Pocket Monster Ultra Sun Ultra Moon", Mr. Junichi Masuda of the game freak tells us.

"Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon" will be the latest in the Pokemon series, and a new Pokemon that did not appear in Sun Moon will also appear.

It is scheduled to be released worldwide on November 17, 2017.


"Pocket Monster Gold · Silver" will be delivered from September 22, 2017 at the virtual console of Nintendo 3DS. Of course, because it corresponds to PocketBank, it is also possible to take Pokemon that appears only in gold and silver to the latest work.

You can check the presentation video of Pokémon Direct from the following.

Pokémon Direct 2017.6.6 Presentation video - YouTube

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