Nintendo announces details of the completely new Wii U version "Legend of Zelda" & "Pocket Monster Sun & Moon"

Nintendo is the world's largest game exhibition to be held in Los Angeles, USA, held for three days from 14th to 16th June 2016E 3 2016", Wii U version"The Legend of ZeldaIt was revealed that we will exhibit a completely new work of " Let's live relay the appearance of this exhibition onlineTreehouse Live"Is starting from 1 o'clock on the 15th in Japan time.

Nintendo @ E3 2016 - Official Site - Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016

Nintendo previously announced that it will exhibit the new work of Wii U version "Legend of Zelda" at E3 2016 and will not do the announcement event. Furthermore, during the E3 period, we will reveal that live broadcasting of the special stage of the venue from the special site will introduce the exhibition title in that.

So when I opened a special site just before the opening, the emblem of "Seekers" appearing in the legendary series of Zelda was displayed.

After a while, a new movie screened at E3 in 2014 starts to flow.

Trailer of a new work "The Legend of Zelda" screened

The title is "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD (The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild)"

"Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon". Become a new three-family, Mokuro · Nyabi · Asimari

The stage of the new Pokemon is the Arora region

Tropical imagery of the tropical island will be the stage

Exhibited images of the Legend of Zelda that has been screened can be confirmed from the following movies.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild E3 2016 Exhibition Video - YouTube

Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

Three body of Mokuro · Nyabi · Asimari who can get first




The legendary Pokemon "Sorga Leo" appearing in Sun. Types are "Esper" "Hagane"

The legendary Pokemon "Lunarara" that appears in the moon. Type "Esper" "Ghost"

The main character's design can also be customized

Other appearance characters

Release on November 18, 2016

The origin of the title of "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon".

There are living creatures on the earth. So the core to nurture life is the sun and the moon. From there, I decided to title Sun & Moon.

About two legendary Pokemon.

This legendary Pokemon becomes a Pokemon that will be involved in the story more than ever.

About Arora region

Because it is not connected to other regions, unique Pokemon lives. From the point that the origin of the name is the life force which fosters life.

Please tell me about the first Pokemon this time.

This time I made the movement with particular attention. Movement during the battle is also cute. Also, it looks easy for people around the world to see. Looking only at the color, it is designed to understand what type of Pokemon.

Because it is a warm country, he is conscious of the costume design of the hero.

The headphones have changed this time.

I changed my head to make you feel more immersive.

Next, actually play. In the new work, the head of the hero has been changed to a more real one.

Wander around the grass ... ...

I encounter a wild Pokemon

Characteristically the hero is behind Pokemon when Pokemon Battle. The size feeling of Pokemon is easier to understand than before.

Enemy Pokemon's Rediva

Partner Pokemon is Asimari

Pokemon's work selection screen

The details of the work also began to be seen as follows.

In addition, you can check the state of enemy Pokemon by touching enemy Pokemon.


Level up

Get screen

Ashimari's victory pose is cute

In addition, the new Pokemon Young's and so on.


Pokemon trainer appearing on the screen

Battle screen with trainer

New element "Battle Royale"

The rule is that the four trainers battle with three Pokemon each battle. Winning or losing is when someone's handmade Pokemon are all knocked down. The number of killed Pokemon and remaining number of Pokemon is the number one trainer wins.

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The world's first play demo of Nintendo's complete new album "The Legend of Zelda Bless the Wild" - GIGAZINE

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