World's first play demo of Nintendo's completely new work "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild"

The world's largest game exhibition to be held in Los Angeles, USA, held for three days from 14th to 16th June 2016 "E 3 2016"Nintendo will be the latest in the series Wii U version"The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild"We played a demo of.

Nintendo @ E3 2016 - Official Site - Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016

Mr. Eiji Aonuma, a comprehensive producer of the Legend of Zelda, appeared. I am planning to review Zelda until now, so I've been working on this work, so I'd like to show fans a play demo soon.

That's why I started playing.

A fantastic opening scene.

What is sleeping ......


It begins with the link awakens like the previous series.

Link to start walking.

There is a link like a ruin.

I found a mysterious device.

Examining the equipment ......

It jumped out quickly.

And I got an important item called a seeker slate.

In the world of zelda, many analog tick items appeared, but this item has a gadget-like atmosphere.

This was a tablet.

I found treasure chests when they are urouro. I feel that the link is not moving in the upper body naked in the series too much.

Get a "old shirt" from the treasure box.

Pressing the start button on the controller ... ...

The inventory opens.

I wear the shirt I picked up.

This time I got "tired pants".

When wearing trousers it is like this.

It may be that various kinds of clothes appear in this work.

Seeker slate ......

I will hold it over a mysterious device.

Then the coat of arms that became the signposts was projected on the door.

A link that arrived at a bright place.

You can see the light above the stairs.

Link to climb by jumping to a big rock. This time it has been changed to use to jump by pressing the button.

To the outside world.

Link that runs a beautiful world.

Here is the beginning of adventure.

Outside world


When I get items ......

Depending on the type, it explains which button to use.

In the new Legend of Zelda you can jump, climb a cliff, dash while the green cage (hard-working cage) displayed near the head of the link is displayed

It seems to be able to enjoy free adventure that is not in the legendary series of Zelda.


You can also climb trees.

A mysterious old man appeared

Using a torch ......

It is also possible to burn off the grass on the field

There are more kinds of weapons than ever.

Furthermore, for example, using an ax ... ...

Logging down the trees ... ...

It is also possible to make a mackerel

Jump from the top of the cliff!

Dong Bon!

Then a mysterious character appeared.

I got an item called collok seed.

The link swims comfortably.

When you reach the other side ... ...

I climb as it is.

As we can swim and climb and go to various places, there seems to be a quest for exploration.

I got a rusty sword on the rock.

After all the sword suits the link.

Discover enemies!

Because of the opening stage the level of the enemy is not so high ... ...

I will use a sword to battle with a bassabassa.

By defeating an enemy you can get the items used by the enemy and use it as it is.

There were still enemies left.

Kill all enemies and check bonfires to get steaks.

I recovered my physical strength with the food I got. There is no heart of recovery item this time.

Arrived at a place like ruins.

A link that can climb everywhere.

As far as you can see something like a volcano, you can see that the graphic evolved significantly from the previous Soelder series.

Another play demo started. It seems that it is much more advanced data than at the start of the game and you can see that you are using various equipments.

Climb up the building ......

I look over the field.

You can see from the link's point of view that a fairly vast map is spreading.

When opening the map it looks something like this.

However, I can also see that the known maps are very small overall.

Jump from the top of the building with a hang rider.

During adventure, I found a group of goblins during meals.

It is also possible to throw a bomb and attack it.

In the new Legend of Zelda lift Tal ... ...

You can also burn with bonfire. More actions than ever possible.

I found a little space under the cliff.

I will fly here with a hang rider.

I found a rock that can not be destroyed with an ax ... ...

With remote control bomb ......

Blow up rocks remotely

Get a mysterious ore to use in the game

When coming to the snowy area ......

The link rattled and began to tremble.

At this time change the equipment.

In the legend of the new Zelda, the arrow of flame is consumed every time you use it the same way you use it like a regular arrow.



Subsequently I took out "The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HDWolf Link Amebos.

If I use this in the new "Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" ......

It is possible to summon Wolf Link to the world of Breath of the Wild.

As a partner you can help adventure.

In addition, new work Ami Bos such as Archer Link of Breath of the Wild will appear.

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