You can consume more calories just by chewing gum during exercise


Many people are doing exercises such as walking and stretching in order to promote health and eliminate obesity. A study result that burning "gum" during such exercise that burn more calories than exercise normally was announced.

The effects of gum chewing while walking on physical and physiological functions | Study: Chewing gum while working out can help you burn more calories

Waseda University and confectionery manufacturersLotteCollaboratively, focusing on "whether momentum and caloric expenditure will be affected by chewing gum while walking", we conducted research. The research team walked for 46 minutes for 46 males and females, aged 21 to 69 years, with walking for 15 minutes with 2 gum tablets and drinking the same ingredients as in 2 gums in water and drinking for 15 minutes We compared the change in heart rate and walking distance etc. in case of being asked.

As a result, when walking while chewing gum, heart rate increased by about 3% in both males and females, and male participants also confirmed an increase in walking distance and walking speed. In addition, it seems that we have confirmed that the consumption of energy has increased significantly for middle-aged and elderly male aged 40 and older.

I do not know what is clear about how chewing gum is increasing energy consumption. However, since heart rate and motion rhythm have the property of synchronizing, "It may be because the heart rate has increased by chewing gum," said Waseda University'sMasashi MiyashitaAssociate Professor says.

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