Exercise during pregnancy has the effect of starting the baby's brain growth rocket


Moderate exercise is effective for keeping body health, so it is one of the habits I want to continue every day. However, if you see pregnant women exercising, you will be worried about what effects your baby has. The joint research team of the University of Montreal and the Medical Center attached to the University of Sant Justinne discovered that it was effective in promoting the growth speed of the baby's brain during pregnancy and that exercise during pregnancy has a positive effect on the baby It turned out.

Exercise during pregnancy gives newborn brain development a head start - UdeMNouvelles

In the study, we divided women who are in the middle of pregnancy at the 5th to 7th month into two groups "exercise three times a week for about 20 minutes" and "do not exercise at all" and have the task continued until childbirth. The exercise done by the previous group is such that walking, light jogging, swimming etc. breath a little.

After that, investigate the brain waves of the baby the subject women gave birth. The survey method is for newborn babies between the 8th and 12th birthdays, wearing as many as 124 electrodes on the baby 's head during sleeping, hearing various kinds of sounds, and examining the brain waves of the baby. Examining the brain waves of the baby, it discriminates between the sounds the brain heard before and what is not so well, and checks the hearing memory capacity of the brain to see if there is a difference between the babies in the two groups That is why.

As a result of the investigation, it was found that the brains of women's babies exercising during pregnancy can differentiate various sounds more efficiently than women's babies who did not exercise at all, and that hearing memory ability was excellent . In other words, you can see that exercise during pregnancy has caused the baby's brain to grow faster than normal. Professor Dave Ellenberg, who led the research, said, "By exercising during pregnancy it turned out that the baby's brain grew faster than usual, and we got similar results when we conducted experiments with animals However, the same experiments targeting humans were the first attempts. "

According to Professor Daniel Karnia who carried out the experiment with Mr. Erenberg, it is said that the pregnancy exercise has the effect of affecting the postpartum health of the mother and preventing the obesity of the baby from the previous study Taking into account the results of this experiment, it can be said that the exercise is effective not only for adults but also for pre-birth fetuses.

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The research team led by Mr. Erenberg continued to understand how the growth speed of the brain promoted by the pregnancy movement when the subject's baby became one year old, three cognitive ability, motor function, language ability We are investigating from the field.

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