Obviously the result that exercise is not effective as a treatment for depression


According to research published in the UK medical journal, it seems that there is no effect even if exercise is adopted as treatment of depression.

Exercise does not lift depression, research suggests - Telegraph

This result is contrary to the current UK medical guidance that "Psychiatric patients (one in six adults in the UK suffers from exercise)" to exercise.


To do this research, he seems to have collected 361 patients 18 to 69 years old who were recently diagnosed with depression. Patients participating in the study were divided into two groups, one exercising in addition to normal treatment and one group of normal exercises, and the symptoms of their depression did not change for 12 months A survey was conducted.

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However, as a result of the study, it is said that although improvement of physical function was recognized in the group of exercised patients, there was no difference in the degree of improvement of depression between the two groups.

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This study was conducted by Bristol University, Exeter College, and the team of Peninsula Medical Dentistry College, but that is the first large-scale, random attempt to investigate the impact of exercise on depression. Positive assessment of previous exercise depression was mostly from results of small scale nonclinical studies.

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Melanie Chalder of Bristol University, who conducts social medicine research, says: "Although there are many research results that exercise is effective in treating depressed patients, our research shows that exercise is not effective, but increasing exercise is obese , Diabetes, and for patients with cardiac and vascular disease, because these symptoms affect depression. "

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Also, John Campbell, professor at Peninsula Medical Dentistry College and Exeter University, says: "Many patients suffering from depression desire treatment without medication, rather than traditional antidepressant medication therapy," he says.

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"Although it seemed to be effective as a treatment method once to incorporate exercise, this rigorous research study revealed that exercise has no effect on treatment of depression It is concluded. "

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