Yoga is effective for the prevention of arrhythmias and stroke and is proposed as a new treatment

Atrial fibrillationThe results of the survey were announced that when the patient who causes stroke or arrhythmia causes yoga, its incidence decreases to one-half.

Treatment has been attempted by drugs and surgery so far, but if yoga does cause incidence to decrease, we recommend yoga for patients who can move the body, so that treatment It is likely to be able to promote. In addition, other benefits such as improvement of depression symptoms as well as atrial fibrillation were also seen.

The therapeutic effect that yoga brings from the following.Yoga halves irregular-heartbeat episodes: study | Reuters

Atrial fibrillation is a major cause of stroke and is a symptom that is likely to occur in the elderly. According to the survey, it was found that when you do yoga, the incidence of atrial fibrillation is halved, depressive symptoms also improve.

"This finding is extremely important as it was thought that there is only a method of treating atrial fibrillation with a tremendous burden on patients or medication therapy," Kansas Associate professor Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy of the university hospital commented. He announced the findings on the treatment of atrial fibrillation with yoga at the annual meeting of the American Heart Disease Association held in New Orleans.

This survey was conducted for 49 subjects suffering from arrhythmias which have never done yoga before. The study period was over 6 months, during which time the subjects' rates of arrhythmia were recorded.

From the start of the survey until the third month, the subjects were told that any sports can work on what they liked. And during the remaining three months I was instructed to systematically do yoga including breathing, yoga posture, and meditation (meiosis). Subjects were instructed by the lecturers to conduct the yoga program three times a week, and also recommended to do yoga at home everyday. During the investigation, the pulse of the subject was measured by the electrocardiogram, and interviews were conducted on depressive symptoms and the quality of life.

On average, the incidence of arrhythmias decreased to 1/2 by performing yoga, depressed symptoms and depressed mood remarkably lightened. He also said that motor skills and vitality were also improved. These results led us to the conclusion that yoga has a great influence on arranging the patient 's pulse, not only improving the quality of life, but also improving the quality of life.

Atrial fibrillation causes strokes when coagulated blood gathers in the atrium and it is carried to the brain. As drug therapy to prevent it, anti-blood coagulantWarfarinThere are many patients who take it every day.

Given the cost of continuing to drink medication everyday, if you can prevent stroke or arrhythmia by doing yoga, it is low cost and healthy, so it is also a new treatment to recommend yoga to patients who can move your body It may be a promising approach.

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