Clearly you can maintain your health if you exercise violently for only 6 seconds

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It is a well-known fact that lack of exercise enhances risks such as obesity, elevated blood pressure, lifestyle diseases and the like. There are many people who are walking or jogging for 30 minutes a day for health, but even if they do not exercise for a long time, twice a week, only for 6 secondsHigh intensity interval training(HIT) to successfully restore the health of elderly people without riskAbertay UniversityHas announced.

BBC News - Six seconds of exercise 'can transform health'

Abertec University conducted a pilot study on twelve pensioners. The content is to have training training day twice a week, and to exercise exercise bike only for 6 seconds as high intensity interval training. All the 12 participants who participated in the study had results such as improving blood pressure value and improving athletic ability.

American Geriatrics Society(American Gerontological Society)Published research resultsAccording to the participants, the participants succeeded in lowering blood pressure by 9%, and improvement of daily activities capacity such as rising of chair and dog walking was seen. Also, experts on this research highlight that the effect of exercise is applied not only to the elderly but to all ages. In the UK, where the aging of the population advances and it continues to rise, it is expected to reduce "astronomical cost" by research results.

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Dr. Babraj, who engaged in the research said, "If you do not promote the health of the elderly in the aging society, the economic burden will be astronomical, if the elderly can maintain health, avoid the risk of heart disease and diabetes We can reduce costs considerably. " There are many elderly people striving for health, but it is a great advantage that anyone can do it with 6-second high intensity interval training. In the absence of exercise bike it is the easiest way to go up a steep hill for 6 seconds.

By continuing this short training it will be possible for the heart rate to recover faster and eventually you will be able to implement high intensity interval training that is close to 1 minute. Will it raise my heart rate / blood pressure by violent exercise to trigger a heart attack? As for the question of Babraj, Dr. Babraj explains that "long-term jogging exerts a heavy burden on the heart" that there is no danger and health can be maintained.

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