This is an illustration of the worst virus in computer history

Computer viruses range from serious to mischievous, but there are many scary but unique ones, such as fireworks appearing on the screen when infected and being filled with x marks. So, 'COMPUTER VIRUS CATALOG ' is a collection of illustrations of computer viruses that were prevalent from the 1960s to the present.


Various illustrations will appear, but they are just images, and these illustrations are not actually displayed on a PC infected with a virus.

Marburg is a virus discovered in the United States on July 1, 1998. Shortly after infection, red icons with white crosses will appear all over the desktop.



Stuxnet, which occurred in 2010 and is also famous for targeting Iran's nuclear facilities. It is said that this virus, which has a strong infectivity to invade PCs that are not connected to the network via USB, was jointly developed by NSA and Israel.


Mel Nguyen

Mad Man
MadMan is a type of virus that infects executable files. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to see the ASCII art of the face in close-up, and hit the key again to say 'Nothing can save you here, friend --you're in my world now!' The message 'I am under my control!)' Was appearing.


Jay Wright

Ikatako virus
This also infects via P2P, overwriting files on the PC and replacing them with images of squid and octopus.

by Saïd Kinos

Techno is the type of virus that infects COM files. When you run the file, it will start randomly with a 1/10 chance, play techno music using audio, and display the word 'TECHNO' on the entire screen.


Joost & Nick

Olympic Aids
Olympic Aids were discovered the day after the 1994 Winter Olympics. Contrary to its name, it is a virus that does not follow the spirit of sportsman, as something like the Olympics appears on the screen and freezes the hard drive the next moment.


Julien Rivoire

Implant is a virus that displays high-resolution images of sensual females. The horrifying thing is that after the computer is rebooted, all the data on the hard disk will be erased.



Start from infection after one month, the wreckage of the planet Krypton which is a weak point of Superman in less than a minute from no longer touch the keyboard kryptonite to display the kind of moss that was to model.


Jonathan Zawada

LSD overwrites files in the same directory. After viewing the psychedelic movie, 'LSD ViRuS 1.0 Coded By Death Dealer 4/29/94 [TeMpEsT -94]' is displayed.


Clay Hickson

Anna Kournikova
A worm with the same name as world-famous tennis player Anna Kournikova. If you open the e-mail titled 'This is a picture of Anna Kournikova', you will be infected with the virus.


Sarah Mazzetti

Skulls are worms disguised as antivirus software. Targeting mobile devices, destroying the functions of infected smartphones and making all icons skull and crossbones. It was a virus that made the function completely unusable.



The Windows worm that infects from the EXE file is Melting.worm. It spreads the infection by sending an email with an executable file called MeltingScreen.exe using the Outlook address book, and shuts down the user's computer under the guise of a screen saver.


Michael Willis

A worm that was popular in early 1999 when you received an email with an executable file named Happy99 attached, and when you opened the file, the message 'Happy New Year 1999!' Was displayed with an image of fireworks. It is described on the website as 'no big deal compared to the New Year's hangover.'


Joshua Checkley

Cookie Monster
Created in the late 1960s, Cookie Monster is considered to be the first computer virus in the world. Once infected, after freezing my PC, it asks for a cookie like a cookie monster on Sesame Street, but when I type 'cookie', the computer is unlocked.


Lawrence Slater

Melissa is the oldest type of virus that spreads via email on a large scale. The origin of the name is that it is an exotic dancer that the author likes.


Saiman Chow

When I ran a COM file infected with Beda, an RGB color animation was displayed on the screen.


Sam Coldy

Selectronic is infected with a COM file, and on Friday the 13th, it plays an animation of a god of death crossing the screen with the text 'Countdown to Extinction ...'.


Mike Perry

SirCam comes with an executable file and other information along with the message 'How are you?'. When you open the file, the program will start, an arbitrary address will be selected from the address book and Internet history, and an email will be sent without permission.

by Alyar Aynetchi

Crash is infected using COM files and EXE files. Freezes the screen and displays the character's animation in a loop.


Andreu Serra

The worm 'I LOVE YOU' was discovered in 2000 and has been sabotaging all over the world while repeating self-proliferation. Also known as the Love Letter virus.


Darius Ou Dahao

Code Red
The worm Code Red was named after the researcher who discovered the virus was drinking a cherry-flavored drink called Code Red Mountain Dew. It is a virus that infects servers all over the world in just a few days after its appearance and has been targeted by the White House.


Thomas Slater

Nople is a worm for Windows NT. Spread using your local network and display colorful animations with the message '¡Es hora de formatear tu disco!'.


Merijn Hos

A virus called Kenzero infected more than 5,500 people in a short period of time and leaked personal information. According to the explanation of the site, it was put in a video file of an adult animation and spread explosively using a P2P network. I stole the user's browsing record and made it public, and sent an e-mail saying 'If you pay 1500 yen, the information will be deleted'.

by Felipe Pantone

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