People who snore snore consume energy

It seems that it became obvious that many people are consuming calories even during sleeping as well as during sleeping than those who do not have snoring.

Details are as below.Snorers 'burn more calories at rest than non-snorers' - Telegraph

The study by Dr. Eric J Kezirian of the University of California, San Francisco, et al., Revealed that people with more snoring are consuming more calories at rest.

Snore in this studySleep apnea syndromeTwenty-two patients, including snoring, were examined. As a result, it was found that the group with the most severe snoring was about 2,000 kilocalories per day at rest, the snoring was light, and the group with low frequency was consuming an average of 1626 kilocalories per day at rest It was. It is thought that this is because the nervous system becomes active due to snoring. However, experts warn that snoring may induce other problems (such as disturbance of lifestyle) that may cause obesity.

Snoring is caused by narrowing of the airways due to swollen tonsils and allergy. In the UK, it is said that 16% of middle-aged men and 7% of women are snoring. A typical snoring person is men who are older and overweight and have a history of smoking.

By the way, the child who grew up in a house keeping an indoor dog at a young age is the futureIt is highly likely that you will snoreIt seems that research has made it clear as well.

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