I went to the World Heritage Site of the battlefield, the Preia Vihea ruins

There are a number of World Heritage sites There is a world heritage in the conflict area is a rare case, is not it? Cambodia's Preia Vihear site is located on the border with Thailand and it became the stage of the gun battle last year.

Hello everyone.World newspaperIt is Matsuzaki Atsushi of. I am in the whole world around the world, currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

By the way, in the conflict area close to the border between Cambodia and Thailand there is a World Heritage Site of Preia-Vihea (temple). When I was staying in Siem Reap in Cambodia, I went because I was able to see if things were calm.

Preia · Vihea is around here. It is about 250 km from Siem Reap in the city of Angkor Wat base.

On a larger mapPureah vihearShow

An enlarged map. The dotted line is the border with Thailand.

On a larger mapPureah vihearShow

The pre-Vihea ruins are located on the border line between Cambodia and Thailand, and concerns about their territoriality have been concerned for many years. In 1962, the International Court of Justice admitted that the remains of Preia Vihea are Cambodian territory, but the problem surrounding the border continued smoldering, such as Thailand claiming ownership after that, the same site was registered as a world heritage in 2008 The situation got worse due to that. In October 2008, in April 2009 casualties came out after both gunfighting battles. Recently, a gun battle took place on February 4, 2011, casualties to civilians and surrounding residents were forced to temporarily evacuate. Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues risk information that "Please consider the possibility of traveling" to the area.

This time, I participated in the tour of local travel agency (with guide). It is a mini bus to the ruins for about 4 hours and a half a way.

Running for a while, the green plain spreads out.

Because the car stopped suddenly, I thought it was an examination ... ...

It was a cow's street. I do not feel a particularly dirty atmosphere because it is a conflict zone.

I arrived at the foot of a mountain with ruins. Praia Vihea is a mountain temple built on the mountain slope.

Tickets to ruins

I will transfer to four-wheel drive. It seems that it will be able to climb at a stretch at a specific height of 500m.

To the loading platform.

Local people also seem to go in the same way

I will steadily climb the mountain. Because the road is paved, I do not feel much shaking.

I climbed a lot,

I will still climb.

People lived

It is quite a sharp gradient.

On the way, there were soldiers (border security guards), but they were never stopped.

I came to an open place like a plaza. I get off the car here.

When I walk a bit, the ruins are visible. Flag of light blue is a flag indicating that it is a World Heritage Site.

The first tower gate of the pre-Vihear site

It is also drawn in 2000 Riel of the Cambodian currency

Looking from the side like this

There are lots of collapses, and the preservation state is not good

The local people were eating the rice on the ruins

A soldier is playing a game by his side

Praia Vihea was a Hindu temple founded at the end of the 9th century. A mountain temple built on the mountain slope at an altitude of 525 m to 650 m consists of the first to fifth tower gates and one shrine, each of which has a structure that the approach road connects.


Soldiers aside. There are soldiers there. The impression that it is "living" rather than being guarded.

Second tower gate

Sculpture in the pillar

Still rolling.

Visit a residential area

I was bathed in the water.


There was a gun and a rocket launcher in a casual way

It seems that bullets etc. are contained here

In the immediate vicinity of the residential area ......

Signs of "mine risk"

Third tower gate

From another angle

I am quietly standing.

Children followed without getting involved

A collapsed corner

A man kneeling a knife in front of it

Even in the sense that the time has stopped when it enters

Relief to peep from the ground

There was a wonderful view at the end of the ruins.


Plain in Cambodia as far as the eye can see

It is said that a lot of landmines are still buried

Bottom cliff

There was a priest.

Looking at the bottom of the rock, there are soldiers in such places ......

A watchman shed near the ruins

He seems to be monitoring the state of the border. When I peeked in, the facility in Thailand was reflected.

It is ironic that the World Heritage site triggers the conflict. I just hope that the situation will turn to a good direction.

(Sentence / picture: World Newspaper / Atsushi Matsuzakihttp://sekaishinbun.blog89.fc2.com/)

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