I compared the size of the largest burgers that can be purchased at McDonald's in Japan and the United States

The prejudice that "America's food is anything big" is a husband many people have, but decided to take an example of McDonald's as an example, compared with the foods sold in Japan. Furthermore, in order to make the comparison method simple, I go to the nearest McDonald's and check on what I came out saying "Please give me the biggest hamburgers in this shop." Perhaps a larger one is sold at stores, or it may be sold in the past, but these things are not subject to comparison this time.

The appearance of McDonald's in the outskirts of Los Angeles is like this.

The inside of the shop is like this.

I looked into the kitchen as follows.

Since numbers are assigned to the menu, if you say it and say "number eight" etc, you can communicate, so there is no problem even if you are not confident in English. In addition, the one who ordered this time recommended that "The guys are the biggest"Angus Bacon & Cheese(Angus bacon cheese) ".

I will head to the seat.

Although a pattern unfamiliar to the chair is drawn, the overall construction is almost the same as Japan.

I am making a set with drinks and potatoes in L size too.

The package looks something like this.

Similar products are being released in Japan for comparison "Double Quarter Pounder with CheeseAlso purchased.

Angus Bacon cheese (left) is already overwhelming Quarter Pounder with the size of the box.

Angus bacon cheese is even bigger than the size of buns (bread).

From the side, Quarter Pounder is better at the thickness of the meat, but Angus Bacon cheese is higher on the height.

Looking like this on a single item.

It is a bigger burger than the iPhone.

This is "I purchased in Japan"Double Quarter Pounder · Cheese. Just like the diameter of the iPhone, you can surely be smaller than Angus Bacon cheese.

Comparing Angus Bacon cheese and iPhone's height, it looks like this.

In the case of "Quarter Pounder" it is like this.

So, after all I understood that the hamburger of McDonald 's in America was bigger, after that I decided to check the taste and contents as usual.

The buns are burnt and baked, and they are painted with fragrant barbecue sauce. The taste of this sauce is roughly the same taste and fragrance as the barbecue sauce which comes about chicken nuggets of McDonald's in Japan.

Sliced ​​onions also have plenty of sauce.

Bacon is crisp

The pickles are also quite large.

Putty is not so much oil and meat juice, it is meat to eat meat itself.

Checking the size of the potato, the things in America were slightly less than twice the height of the iPhone.

In Japan it is 1.3 times the iPhone.

The taste and appearance are almost unchanged.

And the drinks with the biggest difference between Japan and America are as follows.

The American container is about twice as tall as the iPhone ... ...

Japanese things are thinner and the height is only about 1.3 times.

In addition, the point which is decisively different is not the size of the container but the point that drinks are changed and free in the United States. As below you can drink as much as you want with a sense like a Japanese drink bar.

There is a diet of Doctor Pepper and regular version, Hi-C, Minute Maid's lemonade.

This is Fanta Strawberry, diet coke, sprite, content of the regular version of Coke.

You can also take the lid of the container freely ... ...

You can bring back the surplus with this kind of feeling.

The point to put it in the trash box yourself after finishing eating is the same, but this shop did not separate it.

So, in the future, if "Angus Beef Burger" is to be released in Japan, it can be said that McDonald's of Japan and the United States became equal on size.

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