Research shows that training comprehensively improves conversational comprehension skills after training when music is young

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The performance of the instrumentInfluence on the brainThen,Delaying agingIt is thought that you can prevent dementia. In addition, research institutes in Toronto, CanadaBaycrestAccording to the latest research done by the researchers, it was found that by understanding music as a young age, understanding ability of the story in the second half of life will rise steadily.

Musical Training Orchestrates Coordinated Neuroplasticity in Auditory Brainstem and Cortex to Counteract Age - Related Declines in Categorical Vowel Perception

Early music training prevents loss of listening skills later in life - The Washington Post

The study was targeted to 20 healthy subjects between 55 and 75 years old. Subjects wear headphones and measured the brain waves, "How fast can you distinguish randomly flowing speech?" Tested. At this time, half of the subjects were training music at a young age and the other half did not do music training.

Even if you do not realize that "hearing loss has decreased", the ability to recognize and understand human stories with age will decline. In this experiment, however, it turned out that "people who have the experience of playing instruments can recognize 20% faster voice than those who do not have music experience" It has been shown that it is preventing the drop of power.

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"Musical activities will be training in the brain," says Gavin Biderman, who led the research. "This time the research revealed that the brain's reactions are 2 to 3 times better than those who were not musicians in the past, that is, their brains are clear, detailed, accurate talk signals It can be said that it seems to explain "Why a musician could understand and understand stories better when I was young"? "Biderman said.

As far as the influence of music on the brain of children has been studied in the past, it was announced in January 2015Study of the University of VermontThen, a conclusion was given that children learning musical instruments excel in attention and emotional balance management skills than children who do not. Also, at the University of Montreal Neurology Hospital in 2013 "When children 6 to 8 years old do music training, then there is a good impact on motor skills and perception ability for a long time"Announcing.

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On the other hand,Children's intelligence does not rise even if you listen to MozartAccording to the team led by Mr. Biderman, in order to have a good influence on the brain, "It is necessary to do formal music training for at least 10 years since he was 14 years old", according to the research result. This research has not focused on the music experience since becoming an adult, but it was one of the proof that "learning the instrument playing in the growth period is beneficial to the brain".

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