"Firefox 61: Developer Edition" equipped with many features for developers on "Firefox 61" is now open to the public

Prior to the official release of Firefox 61 on June 26, 2018,Firefox 61: Developer EditionIt is open to the public.Developer EditionUnlike the beta version that is open to the public at the same time, tools and functions useful for web developers and designers are built in. Firefox 61: What features are in Developer Edition Mozilla official blog introducing technical information on Firefox and Open WebMozilla HacksIt is summarized by.

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Firefox Developer Edition

First of all, even though I chose dark theme (black background) in Firefox so far, menus and new tab pages were still white background, but in Firefox 61: Developer Edition menus and new tab pages are also black background .

Firefox 61: Developer Edition includes a tool called "Accessibility Inspector" that can display the logical structure of the website. The accessibility inspector links Firefox and screen reader software for the visually impaired so that the web page under developmentAccessibilityYou can inspect.Development staff's blogAccording to, the accessibility inspector is a tool for inspection only, it is not a tool to evaluate accessibility, so it is important to note.

And development tools built in Developer Edition are more powerful. In particular, the debugger has been greatly improved so that "the original code written by the developer" and "code generated by the JavaScript compiler" work more closely together. Firefox 61: Detailed specifications of development tools built into Developer Edition can be checked from the following movies uploaded by Mozilla Hacks.

Firefox Debugger - YouTube

In addition to the development tools, you can also arrange the tool tabs freely according to your workflow, and make it an overflow menu if it does not fit in the window so that you can easily access the function you want to use. It also makes it easier to adjust bandwidth and import / export HTTP archive files.

Firefox 61 Developer Edition can be downloaded from the following link.

Firefox Developer Edition

Also, the beta version of Firefox 61 can be downloaded from the link below.

Try out the new browser features in the pre-release version | Firefox

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