Gecko Preview ver. Appears that can experience "Sleipnir 3.0"

The latest version of the tab browser · Sleipnir "Sleipnir 3.0" is about to appear soon. Sleipnir 3.0 has been two years since the release of the design preview version, and there are a lot of people who are concerned about what is going on.

To this end, distribution of "Gecko Preview ver.", Which allows you to experience the functions of 3.0 in advance, began.

Details of Sleipnir 3.0 etc., from the following.
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The features of Sleipnir 3.0 are "Tab Group" which can group multiple tabs, "Full-scale correspondence to Gecko engine" which makes Firefox add-ons available, File management softwareFenrirFSIn cooperation with "favorite to manage with labels". Besides this, the user interface has also been revamped drastically.

The Gecko engine has its own built-in tuning tune at high speed. Now that you can use Sleipnir's features and plugins, you can now use a variety of Firefox add-ons.

For example this is AdBlockPlus.

The release of the preview version until Sleipnir 3.0 β release. As a precaution, it works only on Windows XP and later, some Sleipnir plugins are not usable etc. Also, since it is a preview version, it is not to overwrite the official version.

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