Firefox Sync is now able to sync add-ons "Firefox 11" official release

In addition to browser settings such as bookmarks and passwords, the official version of "Firefox 11", which can be synchronized with Firefox Sync, has also been released. Although the original release timing was about half a day ago, it was just postponed because it was overlapped with the monthly Windows Update by Microsoft and it was affected by the update before. Apparently there seemed to be no bad influence in particular.

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If you are already using Firefox, version check will be done and you will be updated automatically when you click "Help" on "Menu", "About Firefox".

In the case of updating from Firefox 10.0.2, the downloaded file is 7.5 MB.

This completes the update.

As a major change in the new version, first of all, "Firefox Sync makes it possible to sync add-ons". Firefox Sync has made it possible to synchronize bookmarks, passwords, personal settings, history, list of open tabs, but from Firefox 11 you can sync add-ons. When doing environmental migration, etc. to a new machine, it was necessary to purposely re-add only the add-on, but it will be unnecessary in the future.

Also, because it supports import from Google Chrome, you can migrate bookmarks, cookies and display history registered in Chrome to Firefox.

The media file user interface has also been improved. For example, when opening an image file, it was displayed to the upper left with a white background so far.

In the future, it will be displayed in the center with a black background.

HTML5 video (WebM), So that the full screen button is added to the right edge of the default playback control.

Speaking of Firefox, there were many people who were shunned by eating memory before, but improvements are steadily progressing, and Firefox 11 reduces memory usage by about 5%. When it comes to pages that heavily use JavaScript, it is reduced by about 20%.

In addition, you can check the disk cache size of the application, it can be deleted immediately with a single button.

Just a change to the media file display requires a bit of familiarity, but the other has improved in general, usability is improving.

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