Everyone easily cooked it with potion type seasoning "Petit and rice" which can cook two items of fried rice menu and rice cooked menu with "rice and egg only"

White rice is a universal player who transforms into Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine such as chicken rice and fried rice. However, if you try to make it yourself, there are many people who have the trouble of "buying and weighing materials, weighing them, making seasoning too much and making them tiresome". Seasonal seasoning that can solve such problems crisply, Petit and rice "Chicken tomato flavor"Hakata style Tonkotsu taste"Yukkejang tasteI cooked it.

Petit and rice drink chicken tomato flavor 22 g x 4 pcs | Ebara food

Petit and rice dumplings Hakata style Tonkotsu taste 21 g x 4 pcs | Ebara food

Petit and rice dumplings yukkei jean taste 22 g x 4 pcs | Ebara food

Petit and rice series | Ebara food

Petit and rice series I bought all three types of "chicken tomato taste" "Hakata style tangerine taste" "yukkei jean taste" (248 yen each tax included).

In the package is a phrase "you can do it quickly with rice and eggs."

It is shown that two types of items can be cooked with one petit and rice.

Petit and rice each can choose two different ways of eating by choosing one recipe of "cook" or "fry" on rice and eggs. This time I cooked "cooked dishes" and "fried dishes" with three types of petit and rice each, and decided to make all 6 items.

◆ Chicken Tomato Taste
First of all, I will look at 'Chicken Tomato Taste' from all three types of Petit and Rice.

In the notation of raw materials, you can see that tomatoes such as "tomato ketchup" and "tomato paste" contain abundant materials such as "chicken extract" "garlic" "salt".

Petit and rice is contained in a potion type container. There are 4 containers containing seasonings for one serving, and it is possible to cook for four people, it is easy to adjust to the number of people who behave cooking with the number of potion seasoning.

When aligned with transportation IC card, the size looks like this.

"Chicken tomato taste" can cook "Tomato risotto style" which is completed by cooking with rice and "Chicken rice style" which is completed by frying.

First I will make "Tomato risotto style".

The material looks something like this. This time, in order to meet the selfish demand such as "I want to eat after 10 minutes, I do not want to cook even rice" in the overworking troublesome shop, rice is "Seven Premium Rice 5 packs"Was used. Petits and rice balls and rice 100 g, eggs, and only 200 ml of water. The amount and type of this material are common to 3 kinds of Petit and rice series.

We separated rice coin 100 g ... ....

I will try opening the container of petit and rice.

When you turn it you will smell of garlic with tomato and faintly. Tasting does not have sour taste with rich tomato flavor.

Cooking start. The cooking method first puts the potion seasoning and water in the pan. The point of petit and rice is that we do not need to measure weighing seasoning and clean up weighing equipment.

Prepare melted eggs in advance. The process of preparing melted eggs in advance is the same for any Petit and rice series.


As you boil, a scent like tomato sauce rises.

When boiling, enter rice.

Immediately turn the melted egg.

Cooking is finished when it is boiled. This time, I just added material and have not made any changes.

Transfer it to a container ......

Petit and Gohans · Tomato risotto style is completed.

When I tried eating hot risotto it was a sweet tomato flavor. With less seasoning than ketchup, it has been finished in a tastefully tongue.

Next, stir-fry and cook "chicken rice style".

The material was boiled and the "rice tomato ris" style rice increased twice to 200 g compared with 100 g, so water became unnecessary.

Cooking start. Dissolved eggs in a frying pan heated 1 tablespoon salad oil.

Next I will add rice.

Stir fried together ......

Petit and rice dumplings "Chicken taste" is introduced.

When the seasoning has become familiar to the whole, cooking ends.

Transfer from a frying pan ... ....

Stir fry and "Chicken rice style" is completed. The time required is less than 5 minutes.

When I try it, it tastes sweet chicken rice. If you add ingredients such as chicken meat, it is going to be a perfect chicken rice.

◆ Hakata style Tonkotsu taste
I made 2 items of "Chicken Tomato Taste" Next, I will look at "Hakata style Tonkotsu taste" of Petit and Rice's series. This petit and rice garlic can be cooked and cooked with "Tonkotsuzui" and "Teppanyaki" can be cooked.

The notation of raw materials includes those derived from pigs such as "pork extract" and "pork oil".

A potion type container is like this with a yellow lid.

Firstly, cook it and cook "Tonkotsuzui".

Cooking start. The minimum necessary ingredients are the same as chicken tomato taste.

In this time, in addition to the minimum necessary material, "Kegami green onion" in the package was additionally prepared.

Opened a container of Petit and Portion type.

Approaching, a strong scent of tonkets drifts from the container.

Since cooking method is common to Petit and Rice · Series, put Hakata style Tonkotsu taste in a pot with water.

Next, prepare rice and melted eggs.

Put rice and turn the melted egg.

Cooking is finished when it is boiled.

With this, "Boiled Tonkotsu Sousui" was completed with the minimum cooking.

Sprinkle spring onion to finish.

When eating it, the pork taste of the mouth texture and the fragrance of the Tonkotsu are humble and slightly smell of sesame oil drifts.

Next, stir-fry "cooked teppanyaki style".

The minimum material is the same as chicken tomato flavor of chicken rice.

I will try adding a green onion to the teppanyaki style as well.

Melt the egg beforehand and open the lid so that you can put rice and petit and rice from the potion type container. I've gotten used to it so far and I have been able to shorten cooking time more and more.

The change in fire was put in the frying pan which led the oil with the medium heat, the melted eggs, in the order of the rice.

For seasoning, we introduced Hakata style tasty taste.

When thinking that it was tangled with petit and rice gigago rice, this time I will introduce leeks.

Cook it for about 3 minutes as if you cooked the whole, cooked.

For this time we moved to a bowl ... ...

I will turn it over to the plate.

Teppanyaki rice style was completed

When I try it, it is finished in a good grilled rice with sesame oil scented with flavor. I expected to have a strong scent of Tonkotsu, but the fragrance with the Tonkotsu habit is modest, the scent of garlic is combined, the appetite gushes.

◆ Yukkeijanga
Finally I will look at "Yucca Jean taste" of the third kind of Petit and rice. Boil the seasoning and "Koppa", stir-fry "Pilicious fried rice" is completed.

In the notation of raw materials, you can see that the ingredients used in spicy Korean cuisines such as "sesame oil" "red pepper" and "pepper" are included.

Potion type container is red color.

I will boil and cook from Koppa.

Minimal ingredients are common with other petit and rice cooked type dishes.

It turns red when turning over the lid of rice and pickled rice with Yukkeijanga taste.

Approaching, there is an exciting scent of gochujang and sesame oil, it has a very spicy impression.

In addition to the minimum ingredients, this time we prepared "Nira" in the package additionally.

Cut the washed leek with kitchen scissors ......

Prepare in advance and prepare.

Cooking start. I put a Yucchejang flavor into a pot with water.

Turn on the fire, boil it, with rice ......

Throw egg eggs.

This time add a chicken in front of a cockle

Cooking is finished when it is boiled.

Cupa is completed with Yucca Jean taste of Petit and rice.

When approaching, sesame oil and chili are scented, and a strong scent of garlic drifts.

When I try to eat it, my spirit and spit in my throat. However, it is finished in a kopper with a taste in the spicy.

Finally, try cooking fried rice.

I will try adding cooking stuff to the minimum necessary material this time and cooking this time as well.

The minimum ingredients are the same as those of fried dishes of other petit and rice.

Fry the eggs and rice in order of hot oil ......

I will introduce Yucca Jean taste of petit and rice. When stir-frying, the kitchen is full of exciting aroma of pepper sauce.

When the red seasoning gets in touch with the whole, filling in the chicken just before completion and cooking finishes when the fire passes.

Transfer it to a dish ......

Petit and rice dumplings with Yukkajang taste, stir-fried fried rice is finished.

Pepper and pepper, and sesame oil are scented.

When I tried it, rice was parapolita, and when I felt that "spicy is mild as compared to Koppa, it is mild?", It was finished in a spicy fried rice with spicyness due to time lag.

"Chicken tomato taste" "Hakata style Tonkotsu taste" "Yukkeijanga taste" of Petit and rice series that can be easily cooked from one serving can be purchased at retail stores such as supermarkets nationwide.

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