89-year-old "Nazi grandma" is arrested even though she is sentenced to two years imprisonment without the Holocaust denial

Massacre of Jews performed by Nazi Germany during World War IIHolocaustContinuing to be convicted for denying many times, an 89-year-old German woman named "Nazi baby" from the massacre was sentenced to imprisonment despite being sentenced to two years imprisonment, An arrest warrant was issued because of disappointment, and was arrested on May 7, 2018 local time.

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"Nazi grandma" Ursula Haberbeck Inmate was born in Germany in 1928 and in 1970National Socialist German Workers PartyI got married to one who was a founding member of the Nazis. Herberbeck inmates engaged in environmental conservation activities, assisting German right - wing extremist movement, co - establishing right - hand education center, etc.

Herberbeck sentenced inmates claim that "there was no massacre of the Jews by Nazi GermanyHolocaust denialAn argument, denying the Jewish massacre and continuing to publish papers that justify the Nazis. In Germany, in denial of the Holocaust in the face of the public, it is asked to be sentenced to five years in prison as "maximum incendiary crime". As Harborbeck sentenced repeated Holocaust denial theory and was fined for it, it came to be called "Nazi Oma (Nazi grandma)" in German media.

The Harborbeck sentenced inmate who repeats the Holocaust denial theory still in magazines despite repeated fine fines was finally indicted in 2015. Even in the trial, we repeated the testimony that "there was no massacre of the Jews by the Nazis", but due to the aforementioned "popular incendiary crime", a judgment of 10 months without imprisonment went off. However, at this point he was not imprisoned.

Nonetheless Harborbeck sentenced inmates cease their activities, and in 2016 "Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration campThe slaughter was not carried out at that time, "he said. He sent a letter to politicians, saying that 8 months of imprisonment was added. "There is still no massacre in Auschwitz," the court said that the court had "nothing to argue with those who can not accept the fact".

byAntonio Giardiello

Shortly after the trial that took place in 2016, Harborbeck sentenced a pamphlet that summarized his arguments to judges, prosecutors, and lawyers. In addition, he took part in the rally held in Berlin in January 2016 and claimed that "the Jewish genocide is not a fact, but the poison gas chamber of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp is also a fictional story." As a result, the penalty term was added for another 6 months, and the imprisonment sentence totaled 2 years.

In Harberbeck sentenced to three years for prison commuting pursuant to health reasons and appealing, in February 2018 the High Court of Ceret dismissed the appeal and the two years without imprisonment was confirmed.

The scheduled date of imprisonment was May 2, 2018, but as a result of the fact that the Harborbeck inmate did not appear, police investigated the house, it turned out that the mail was collected in front of the entrance and was missing . The prosecution requests an arrest warrant. Harborbeck inmate was arrested for returning home on May 7, 2018.

A police officer who arrested a Harborbeck inmate commented, "It is lamentable for active ladies to disseminate the nonsense of the Holocaust denial theory using that energy despite the age of 89."

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